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Comment Re:I guess the propaganda is working. (Score 1) 425

uh... you want me to do what again with your massive strawman?

the simple point is the warmongering is going on in iran just as much if not more so than the west. they chant "death to the usa" in massive demonstrations every year at least for over 30 years. they fund and supply terrorist groups and the assad regime. nevermind their OWN FUCKING PEOPLE rose up against them and they brutally murdered them in return. in ancient history? no, in 2009

this is how the regime in tehran treats its OWN PEOPLE:

and you want to talk to me about the west's warmongering?

Comment Re:I guess the propaganda is working. (Score 1) 425

because the warmongering is only on one side, and the iranian regime are peace loving hippies

no way are they chanting death to america in iran. no way are they helping the assad regime and other organizations in the middle east intent on killing civilians

clearly all malice exists on only one side here

is that what you are saying?

Comment my fear (Score 3, Insightful) 468

sunspot activity indicates we're in for some global cooling

which will counteract the obvious global warming our CO2 output is producing

so the debate will get shattered

then, in a decade or two when sunspot activity picks up, the temperature and violence of the atmosphere will shoot back up, and we'll be totally caught by surprise

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