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Comment Re:i hereby nominate (Score 1) 203

Holy crap, I am so glad I am not alone here. I had an E6500 and that is far and away the worst laptop I have ever used. Cheap materials, the keyboard sucks, the display is dim even on full brightness. Also the trackpad is freaking TINY, the buttons are shit, and the area on the trackpad for scrolling is far too small to be anywhere near useful. It's heavy and awkward to carry: the docking connector in the back adds another inch to the dimensions of the thing, and makes it so it won't fit in most backpacks.

I had it for a contract I was on for most of this year, and it was the first Dell I've used in probably three years. I was hoping their quality had improved, but it most assuredly has not.

Comment Re:Without specifics, I think we should be wary... (Score 1, Redundant) 452

You know, it's fascinating that your list doesn't include the most plausible explanation: "being railroaded by the US." Assange's persecution is entirely about politics. He has embarrassed America and damaged the credibility of its foreign policy apparatus, as well as that of other governments. If you really think that the charges against him have anything to do with their merit, them I'm sorry but you are naive to the point of idiocy.

Comment Re:Stupid action (Score 3, Insightful) 715

Except that there is no where else to take your money.

Regardless, I'm getting increasingly disenchanted with the "don't like it, don't participate" mentality. First it was the TSA: "don't like it, don't fly." Now it is "don't like what MC is doing, don't use them." Of course Visa and PayPal are doing the exact same things...

How about if instead of asking me to submit I ask THEM to submit?

Yeah, I like that a lot better.

Comment Politically connected (Score 2, Insightful) 160

So what? BP has massive amounts of money, as well as political connections out the ass. Nothing is going to happen to them, even if half of the Gulf Coast population winds up with cancer. Complain away, Slashdot. If it makes you feel better to post on the intertubes, excellent. Meanwhile, nothing gets done.

Comment Re:So? (Score 4, Insightful) 386


So it means that you have a lower return on investment, given that your testing costs are higher.

Hell, if your app's good enough, it'll drive the spec of the handset.

This is both irrelevant and wishful thinking. App popularity does not change the amount of testing required to get it popular in the first place, nor would popularity reduce the number of configurations you must test against even were the spec to change.

Comment Re:Apple FUD (Score 1) 286

Wow man, you really need to turn the conspiracy dial down a bit. ...You know what? Scratch that. You, personally, need to turn the volume up to 11. You are the best of Slashdot, a little ball of completely unfettered hate. Therefore, I nominate you King of Slashdot. You are everything /. aspires to: mindlessly conspiratorial towards anything that can even remotely be tied to Apple. And your hatred -- really deep of hatred -- Steve "That Motherfucker" Jobs... I don't think you could have condensed more haterboi memes into one message if you'd tried. And you even got modded to five. Let's see... Alter Relationship... "Friend", "Yup, positive". Aaand done. HERE LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL WHO WILL LISTEN: MPAPET (761907) IS THE NEW KING OF SLASHDOT. AS IT IS WRITTEN LET IT BE SO. SO SAY WE ALL.

Comment Re:This "war" has almost nothing to do with tech (Score 1) 495

"Obama is known to hold a grudge a really, really long time based on reports from those around him, and I think he has had conservatives in his sights for a while. Now that he finally has a weapon, the popularity of the health care bill, he is going to take every opportunity to wield it against conservatives. ...

Obama can come up with a billion supposedly practical reasons why they shouldn't succumb to conservative demands, but it really all boils down to the fact that Obama hates conservatives and is trying to get back at them in any way he can."

Haterbois: The teabaggers of tech.


What Features Should Be Included With iPhone 3.0? 606

With the announcement coming tomorrow, Macworld has posted their top list of 15 features they would like to see in an iPhone 3.0 update. The list includes some things that people have been asking for since launch (like cut and paste) and things that were once there but have since been silently removed (like push notifications/background apps). With almost 2 years of time to grow and learn, what other things are woefully inadequate on Apple's popular handheld?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Jon Stewart Exposes Apple Stock Manipulation (appleinsider.com) 1

WebManWalking writes: AppleInsider is running a report by Prince McLean about how deliberate misinformation is being used to manipulate Apple stock prices. As usual, traditional journalists, whose job ought to be to inform us, have dropped the ball, and it fell to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show to tear Wall Street yet another new one. I'm getting pretty sick of traditional journalists' reluctance to go for the throat when they see corruption, and ostensibly hide behind the skirts of fairness. Looks more like cowardice to me. I don't own Apple stock, but if I did, I'd be thanking The Daily Show.

Japanese "Hate" For the iPhone All a Big Mistake 327

MBCook writes "AppleInsider has posted a great article explaining that Wired's story about Japanese iPhone hate was completely false and has been edited at least twice. The comments in the article were recycled and taken out of context, with those interviewed blogging about the mistakes. The piece then goes on to analyze the iPhone's standing in Japan, as well as some of the major factors working for and against it. At last it points out that the Wall Street Journal tried the same myth of failure just after the phone's launch in Japan, recycled from a myth the year before, pushed by a research company with a possible anti-Apple agenda."

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