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Comment One group that defies their tracking analysis (Score 1) 88

In a recent Slashdot poll, 7% of all respondents didn't have a mobile phone. I'm one of them.

Not having a mobile phone doesn't mean you're paranoid about privacy. It could just as easily mean that you're waiting for the technology to mature. I notice that everyone seems to hate something: hardware quality, hardware cost, no signal, dropped calls, awful sound quality, basic service cost, roaming charges, long term contracts, etc. The list of complaints goes on and on.

Why do you guys put up with that crap? They never address the basic problems. They dangle flashy new features in front of you, you eagerly gobble them up and then gradually you realize that you still have the same old litany of problems hobbling your new gadget.

Vote with your money. Use land lines till they solve the fundamentally flawed user experience. In the meantime, you don't have to worry about your phone use identifying you better than fingerprints.

Submission + - SPAM: Newly Engineered Microorganism Could Create Bio-Fuels from Carbon Dioxide

An anonymous reader writes: What if we could use the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to create fuel? It could solve the global energy crisis while at the same time ridding us of those pesky greenhouse gases that are causing our climate to change. Researchers at the University of Georgia may have taken a step to accomplishing just that. They've found a way to transform the carbon dioxide trapped in our atmosphere into useful industrial products.

Submission + - DNA Patents going to the Supreme Court (

HexaByte writes: The U.S. Supreme Court is getting a case on whether or not patents are valid for human DNA sequences. At issue is whether a company's patent on a human gene that's associated with breast cancer is valid. The company discovered the gene, patented it and is the only legal source of testing for it, because of the patent. Since the gene occurs naturally, (even though only thru mutation) should it be patenetable?

Comment "feel" each other's gravity? "want to"? (Score 1) 520

Neil, I realize there's a need to dumb things down sometimes, but you're going to provoke suggestions that we criticize the asteroid's weight so that it'll run away crying.

Here's a more useful idea: Use asteroids to improve our situation on Earth. Deflect otherwise-colliding asteroids to pass by us in front of our orbit, not behind us. Let gravitational pull add to our speed around the sun. Let it add to our rotational speed. We need a higher orbit around the sun and less baking when we're facing the sun. I realize the relative masses assure that it won't noticeably help. But it would help more than deluding folks who don't know any better than to believe that asteroids have emotions.

Comment Re:WHAT FUCKING SITE?!?!? (Score 1) 59

Astroturfing was the word that occurred to me too. I almost submitted it as a tag, in fact. Or maybe slashvertizement (however that's spelled).

It's like those news website articles with misleading title (or question as title) hotlinks to entice you to visit the article. The more page hits, the more advertizing sold. Only in this case, they're trying to generate hits on F-Secure's website. If that's your intent, you cannot give away information up front. It would defeat the purpose.

I suppose it helps to get angry at them (if they hear about your anger somehow). It lets them know that their teasing technique isn't building the sort of goodwill that could result in a customer, at least not in those who see through it.

Comment Similar problem, also in the UK (Score 1) 174

Tech blogger, tech conference speaker and JS Bin developer Remy Sharp has a Twitter handle that made lots of people think that he was the band R.E.M. When the band disbanded, he got tons of tweets, so many that it was excruciating wading through them all for tweets that were actually intended for him. But he didn't give up his Twitter handle.

You don't HAVE to capitulate to mass misunderstandings.

Comment Re:Obvious geek question, answered (Score 5, Interesting) 214

It was prophesied somewhere in the first 6 books of the Aeneid that Aeneas and his men would someday be so hungry, they would eat their plates.

Somewhere in the second 6 books, there came a time, after a battle or something, when they had broken all their dinnerware. Someone had the idea to flatten out some dough, put the food on top of it and cook them all together, baking the bread and cooking the food at the same time. While they were eating, Aeneas' son Iulus said hey look everybody, we're eating our plates! Most thought it was just a joke and laughed, but the elders didn't laugh. They were amazed and recognized it as the fulfillment of prophesy made before Iulus was born.

So when you're in Italy and you hear of some restaurant claiming to have invented pizza in medieval times, be sure to ask them, really? How was it that Virgil was able to discuss something that your restaurant hadn't invented yet? Or something similarly snarky.

Comment US Law (Score 1) 338

US Constitutional law includes the 9th amendment. Simplified, it means that a right doesn't have to be explicitly granted in the Constitution. It's not an exclusive list of all of our rights. A vivid example is the right to self-defense. It's not explicitly granted. That doesn't mean that we don't have that right.

But more importantly, the Constitution limits the actions of the government, not the actions of the people. The laws passed by the Legislative Branch are what limit the actions of the people. Although the government can't restrict political speech, we can. If I don't want to hear anything from ccAdvertising, political or not, I can block it all. The First Amendment doesn't restrict me from censoring anything and everything from them. I'm not the government, I'm the people.

Last but not least, the Constitution doesn't prohibit ccAdvertising from threatening to hold their breath till they turn blue, or from stomping their collective foot, glaring at all of us and saying "We'll get you for this" in harsh tones. Go ahead. Do that all you want. I'll even go so far as to say, I hope it makes you feel better, that the people you've offended and alienated with spam don't like you.

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