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Comment Re:This just in, duh (Score 1) 264

... anyone who's built their own computer or even reads websites like tom's hardware or benchmarking sites knows this.

Tom's hardware was heavily suspected of falsifying benchmarks in exchange for money from Intel and Microsoft years ago (Google it you lazy pricks!). Tom's and other sites often provide BS benchmarks. Meaning, they spec a new Intel against an old AMD and claim Intel is way better. In other cases, they load up a system with 256GB of memory and give the system they want to talk down 4GB. While these cases are technically not false, the merit and the motive behind such benchmarks are worth chastising people that publish this type of information. Often finding the spec's of the real test gear is buried and extremely difficult to find.

Sorry, but I trust companies proving benchmarks as far as I trust my turds will fly. If you work in IT, setting up your own bench marks for these types of applications should be trivial. Most vendors will give you gear to demo. I don't trust companies that rely on vendors for gear and revenue to provide real data, there has been way too much shit in the pool. If I don't personally test or know the person that did, it did not happen.

A desktop system with 256GB of RAM? this was years ago you say?

While I am aware certain memory configurations may have been used to influence benchmarks, these typically do not have more than a 10% performance impact.

Intel played a dirty game, AMD sued, got paid, case settled and closed.

If you wish to shed more information and enlighten us regarding discrepancies in testing I'm sure you will get many readers. I'd suggest collaborating with a competitor of Tom's Hardware.

Oh, the memory amounts you mention make no sense, FYI.

Comment Re:Cool story (Score 1) 220

It's not a ban, it's a boycott. Turns out that people don't like games where the best the can be is set dressing for the glorification of a violent foreign power when that same power back in the real world indiscriminately sends out robots to bomb the next village on a weekly basis.

I completely agree, awesome game.

Comment Collection ha? (Score 2) 196

Forget agreeing or even having an opinion. How exactly will they enforce this?

I this is supposed to be a collection of royalties due to tax loopholes why not fix the loopholes?

Why doesn't Hollande spearhead a movement to fix the loopholes instead of pursue specific companies for being clever?

If the previous system to tax corporations did not really work and their clever folk found ways to avoid paying taxes why is this new system such a better idea??


Comment Re:Subcontracting (Score 1) 457

What's the problem? Does the employee contract have a clause against subcontracting?

Ever heard of standards?

One such standard is PCI. Credit companies will endorse you as secure if you follow certain standards, insurance companies will back up your money loss claims given compliance with that standard.
You cannot let your own family have access let alone some subcontractor in China.

Sure it worked like magic, but what would you say if it did not? what if a foreign body was stealing trade secrets? what if your data was lost because of this person? you'd have beef with this company, they'd be sued, their insurance would not pay up and it could all go belly up & other people, like you could lose their job because of one smart ass.

That sir is the problem.

Comment Re:Samsung's accusations (Score 5, Funny) 208

They also allege that Hogan has an old grunge against Samsung because they own part of Seagate (which had sued him into bankruptcy 20 years ago) and that he's a patent-owner himself (and very pro-patent)--neither fact he disclosed during the jury selection process.

Well folks, there you have it. The hidden dangers of old grunge; my mother always said it's Satan's music.

Comment Re:Why is the comparision made against the iPhone (Score 0, Troll) 348

Is the iPhone 4S outselling the iPhone 5 for some reason? Why is the current Samsung model being compared against Apple's last year model? I'm confused.

You must be new here.

Arbitrary comparisons is the way of the land. On that subject I can also add that the US navy has fewer ships now than it did in World War I.

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