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Comment Re:Nazi America (Score 1) 364

"by whom"?
By our governments. It seems like they all are heading in the same direction: More internet control, more observation and registration, more traffic tracking, more financial control, more privacy invasions, etc. etc.
The big corporations are everywhere busy to lure our governments in colluding with them in order to control the population and to force us to buy their products. Through patenting (Monsanto et. al.) or through legislation (compulsory vaccinations, health insurance) or through harassment and out-legislation of the small producers, and especially the organic ones (fresh milk anyone?).
In short: fascist tyranny.

Comment Re:Bureaucracy tending towards opression... (Score 1) 364

'The right direction'...
That would be
1. Keep Guantanamo open
2. More debt
3. Introduce and expand extrajudicial killings by drones
4. More war
5. More TSA
6. More DHS
7. More evil
and on, and on, and on...

Is this your 'right direction'?

Anyway, thanks for trying to bring the discussion back to the totally useless Dem-Rep-debate.
Speaking of idiots...

Comment Re:At least it will create jobs. (Score 1) 364

They may be getting classified intelligence of planning outlines of attacks on stadiums.

I see. So that's the reason why they only ask some questions.
As in: "We've got credible information about pending terrorist attacks, but let's not upset the people too much with scanners.
Let's keep that for later, when they are more used to our appearance in the public.
In the mean time, let's just wait for 'the terrorists' to succeed.

Yeah right, as if that is adding to security.

Comment Re:yield increases... (Score 1) 758

... are more the result of the introduction of hybrid vs. the native varieties.
The fact that the big agricultural corporations preferred to introduce GMO hybrids, more than non-GMO hybrids, and push them relentlessly through bribery, does not make the increased production a result of GMO 'an sich'.

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