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Comment You must be a PHP "Professional" (Score 2) 161

Wow, Argument from incredulity on teh interwebs.

I've written rails apps that supported a very large newspaper's site, which got well over 15 MILLION pageviews per month. Never once did my apps stumble or crash.

Like anything else, you have to know what you're doing, boychik. Now go read pp 14-16 of the Pragmatic Programmer and learn a little.

Comment Re:1st! (Score 2) 205

They get $174,000 a year already. Seems to me that they make way too much.

I propose my new Bilateral Lowering Of Wages, Making Equality act: all representatives' salaries are immediately and permanently reduced to minimum wage ($15k/year).

This will...

a) save $70,000,000 of our taxes (to be used for, say, infrastructure) per year, and

b) since they're so happy to make others live at $15 large, they shouldn't have any problem making ends meet themselves.

I expect your full and unqualified support in bringing fiscal sanity back to Washington. Also, if you see Grover Norquist, tell him to stand closer to his razor for Dog's sake.

Comment Congratulations (Score 1) 284

You don't know how to use pointers. And, given the opportunity to learn how, you punted when 'it got too hard'.

After doing tens of programs with pointers and stuff ...

Uh huh, guess you didn't really learn how to use them.

The point was to LEARN, so when you get in the real world, you can develop a solution where pointers (or whatever structure/technique/language feature is most appropriate) makes the most sense.

Comment Thanks for your service, brother (Score 1) 204

~ Free food: Bought at a cost ration of greatest weight per dollar, which translated into cheapest food medically allowed. Joke I heard was: Grade E Beef-substitute, suitable for Americans worst and finest, served to our military and death-row inmates. With the way the Army operates, I was lucky to get two meals a day from cooks. Breakfast usually consisted of coffee and cigarettes, a bagel if I was lucky. Lunch and dinner was at the dining facilities where everything was rationed out using grade school sized portions. I ate the best when I was in the field or on vacation.

Oh man, I'm so glad I was in and out way before the era of obscene contractor takeover. At least we knew that if the E-6 in charge of the mess served up rotten food, he would get Article 15'd at least.

Your post reminds me of one time I got in line for chow for dinner. Yum, roast beef: we could smell it form outside the building. I slide my metal, WW2-surplus tray down the line and the E-2 ladles me a nice portion.

I sit down and start tearing into the meat, but nearly gag in horror when I get a piece into my mouth. I pull it out and realize that it is 100% fat/gristle. The brown gravy camouflaged the fact that there was no meat. I dig around and find a few bits of actual meat. Maybe the size of a quarter, if you mash them all together. So, I did what I always do when faced with crap from REMFs:

I carefully pour the grease-infused watery brown gravy onto my potatoes and (white, pasty) bread, drink my water, and think of creative ways to frag low-bid contractors. If I hadn't had night duty, I probably would've Hoggled when I got back to the barracks. God damn Army.

Comment Re:Cut your own trail (Score 4, Insightful) 306

You will never be unemployed again, because you work for more than one person


When I am employed by a company, I have one "client". When that client lets me go (rif/outsource/fired/whatever), I have no other income.

When I have 3-4 clients and one client lets me go (can't afford my rates/personality clash/they went crazy and I had to fire them/they hired someone fulltime/etc), I have other clients that keep some $$$ coming in.

As long as I have n+1 clients (where n = sufficient income), then I'm doing well.

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