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Comment Just go to another website (Score 1) 686

In most cases the things you're looking for can be found on many sites. If one has too many ads, go to another.

Or in the case of television, throw the bloody thing out of your window. Watching commercials and "what's coming up next" for 15 to 20 minutes per hour really is too much. Interrupting a movie with 30 minutes of crap-o-tainment crossed the line for me.

Comment Parametrized assignments? (Score 1) 284

Give all the students individual assignments, based on their student registration number.
First number 1, use this texture; 2, use that texture and so on.

They could copy-and-change, but that would still be a lot of work. Make sure that would be more work than just doing the assignments.
An other trick is to point out the risks of getting caught.

But the more interesting thing is indeed to write something to analyse the files.
I made something to compare Maya files. That worked quite nicely, but I'm not sure if the students liked it. I know I did though :)

Comment Creating prior art here (Score 1) 143

However if a user responds in the same speed, the communication is marked as "valid" and no limits apply.

Facebook. If you're going to implement this, let me know. I'm sure we can work something out.
If I find out you implemented this without contacting me, it will be a different story.

Comment Re:Far more important lesson. (Score 1) 610

I don't want that, but fact is, for example, the USA of 'murica is monitoring overseas bank transfers of Europeans. Thanks to the politicians of course who agreed with that shit. Also there was a band in London that made video clip from the cctv recordings in public spaces. How many more examples do you want?
If you know how to evade this nightmare...

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