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Comment Re:Isn't this just bulimia? (Score 1) 483

Everyone here likes to debate Darwin's theory but I have never seen anyone talk about exactly what it might look like. This is exactly what it looks like. Centuries if not millennia of food scarcity have forced the human body to adapt to a feast famine world. That changed for the developed world a little over a hundred years ago. Now, the ability to easily store fat is a curse and billions of dollars are spent every year to reverse it. Zone training which portends to increase fat reduction by cycling the heart rate between certain "Zones" is actually an attempt to make your body LESS efficient thereby forcing it to burn more calories for a given task.

Comment Contractor != Consultant (Score 1) 207

A contractor is brought in to do a specific task for a (usually) predetermined amount of time. A consultant is brought in to asses an organization, develop a solution based on that assessment, and hire contractors to come in and implement their specific tasks for a predetermined amount of time. A contractor usually works a shift and as such can't have any other work while they are on a contract. A consultant can have multiple clients simultaneously and may not visit the client regularly if the job does not require it. A contractor is usually a guy looking for permanent work but taking contract work while he looks. A consultant is someone who was motivated to go beyond a 9 to 5 job and courageous enough to take that step of faith (in themselves) to forgo the regular paycheck for more latitude and freedom. You sound very condescending towards these individuals and that is more an indication of your insecurity than it is of their job stability. For the record. I have toyed with becoming a consultant for many years. I have my DBA and have done some work for various companies but find I don't have the stomach for it. I wish I did.

Comment BlackBerry - RIM thought of almost everything (Score 1) 510

It's funny how problems that companies are experiencing today were addressed by RIM YEARS ago. Funny Apple and Google chose to ignore this...unless of course they never intended to address the enterprise market.

Don't want your employees playing games (or other time wasting activities) on their phones during working hours - There's a BES policy for that

Need to ensure your office is shutterbug free - There's a BES policy for that

Need a way to allow your employees to have personal information and work information on the same device but kept separate - There's a BES policy for that

I'm sorry but having to have your camera physically removed/disabled is ludicrous in this day and age. Even having to go to the local carrier to have a block installed is borderline insanity. BYOD is going to bring some enterprise to its knees and there will be outcries that something must be done to protect sensitive data. Companies are already lining up to provide solutions to problems created by iOS and Android not addressing security up front.

MY answer to the question is - Does your job benefit from you having a smart device with you? If yes then they need to provide it pre-configured to best serve their needs or reimburse you for bringing your own device. If you are just bringing a personal device for personal use then they have the right to restrict its use while on their time and property. Years ago I was studying for my EE degree. I had a job working for Compaq on their assembly line. I was not allowed to have my books at my station even though there was an area under the station for personal items. I had planned to study during breaks but was informed that would not be allowed. It was their right. It was my right to quit so I did after about a week when I had found another job.

Comment Go for the new PC (Score 1) 417

I'm 2,500 miles and two time zones away, so I can't exactly troubleshoot things from here

Assuming the problem that needs to be troubleshot isn't network related

In no particular order of preference
Techinline Remote Desktop
CrossLoop (I hadn't heard of this one before searching just now but it looks interesting)
There are a lot of remote support options. Some good ones are even free.

My personal suggestion is Splashtop. It isn't a remote support tool but it has client's for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and BB 10/PlayBook OS2 so you could log into your mother's PC from your tablet and fix what needs fixing. It's also a one time cost opposed to a subscription.

At some point your mother will need to do something the tablet cannot do. You can still get an inexpensive tablet for her.

Comment Re:Just kick him out. (Score 2) 338

At 23 it is no longer the parents responsibility to provide anything.

An eagle tosses it's young out of the nest not to kill or out of malice but to teach them how to fly on their own.

This guy has all of the things you list but isn't interested in employment if he is playing games instead of looking for work. And since he is 23 his parents can't force him to get "professional" help.

Comment Re:Unifi (Score 1) 172

Came to recommend this. It is dead easy to set up and it works better than I expected it to. I set up multiple SSIDs for different business units and an open hotspot for our guests that is isolated from the rest of the network. The ability to add an office layout is nice if you are adding more than a couple of hotspots and don't remember where HS249 is located. I haven't found anything close at this price point.

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