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Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 1) 475

I didn't mean to imply they wouldn't unlock your device for international travel but if you look at the iPhone 5 for AT&T (Model A1428) you see it is only compatible with Bell, Rogers, and Telus but the world phone version (Model A1429) covers all non-North American LTE carriers. Apple didn't need to produce a separate phone for N.A. but they did. So if you take your iPhone abroad your LTE won't work. Now imagine we've moved to do you make a call? I'm sure we'll have legacy voice for a long time to come but I can't help thinking about these things.

Comment Since when? (Score 2) 114

Since when does “We are looking at all opportunities -- RIM and many others,” automatically translate into "We are taking over RIM"? Seeing how countries are treating ZTE and Huawei in the network space Lenovo would be crazy to buy RIM (Everyone knows RIM has a global network infrastructure right?). It does however make a lot of sense to partner with them to offer devices outside of RIM's current core.

Comment Re:What happened? (Score 1) 114

The only thing I can think of is they broke the ThinkPad long term support model. With the advent of the 6x series you could no longer expect the port replicator/dock or accessories you purchased with your R60/T60 to work with the subsequent R6x/T6x models. For a consumer this is not a big deal but for corporations that buy hundreds to thousands of units a year this is huge. It's akin to Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, or Canonical removing key features of their LTS policies. We got burned because our hardware refresh happened right when the R60 came out so we standardized on that model and when they dropped it for the R61 six months later we found the Configure To Order (CTO) we had specced was no longer compatible with our docking configuration. I worked with their support engineers (IBM was still engineering them at the time) and they finally decided it was simply incompatible despite being standards compliant.

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 1) 475

Hopefully this is going to be a bit easier over time as everyones moves to LTE (does this mean that CDMA finally bites the dust?) and phones become standardized like the rest of the civilized world.

Don't bet on it.
There is already segmentation in what bands get used in different countries and of course The US carriers are deploying FDD LTE while the rest of the world leans more to TDD LTE. ClearWire being a notable exception. AT&T likes being able to charge you global roaming fees so they go out of their way to make sure you can't just hop on a European competitors network when you are in town. Here are a few good articles on just the iPhone 5 models.

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 4, Informative) 231

That's why Apple Records lost to Apple Computer.

Did they? Apple Computer paid Apple Corp. in 1981 and then again in 1991. And even though Apple Computer won the first trial over iTunes there was a good enough chance they would have lost on appeal that they bought the trademark lock, stock, and barrel from Apple Corp.

Comment Re:I never liked him but... (Score 1) 270

There is a reason so many people have become iFanatics (tm). Anyone remember Nick Burns our companies computer guy? That is the stereotypical image the average office worker had/has of their IT dept. Want to know why we have yet to see the year of Linux on the desktop? Just look at the forums where knowledgeable technical people (not n00bs) ask simple questions about how to do something and the responses from kernel developers scolding them for not scouring through thousands of man files (most out of date or written in elvish) and using a GUI when the command line is the only acceptable means of interfacing with the system. Technology is hard for most people but nobody likes to be reminded of their lack of competence. Jobs was fanatical about hiding the how of the technology and making the function and form of the device job1. Even most technophobes can pick up an iPhone and figure out its basic functionality with little technical support. With so many people afraid of asking Nick Burns for help how can you blame them for picking a device that lets them do what they need to without his help. It's also why Android has seen mass adoption DESPITE being Linux at its core where Mameo, Meego, and MobLin have floundered. (Have you ever seen a manufacturer's stock Android device ship with any shell apps preinstalled?)

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