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Comment Re:Just goes to show. . . (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Or how bloody-minded comparisons tell you little. The reason you need horsepower on the board is not because computations are bearish. Rather, all the human interface code.
I worked on government systems two decades ago that had four-decade old technology and worked great. Why? All the user interface agony was offloaded to dedicated consoles.
Case in point: which is harder to code against: a command line interface, or a full-on GUI?

Comment Re:Wow, another JE for me! (Score 1) 47

Sin isn't the denial of truth. Sin is knowing the truth and actively disobeying.
Those who *deny the truth* do not sin- they're acting completely within their little relativistic bubble of ethical behavior as they know it.

If God is truth, how do you deny God in any righteous way? Are we putting to fine a point on matters perhaps, sir?

Comment Re:Wow, another JE for me! (Score 1) 47


NOBODY should have the "liberty" to deny truth when faced with the fullness of truth.

If there is no capacity to sin, then you may not be fully human.
Information may be more or less truthful in content. This is a separate question from what you do with the information. Consider carefully Mark 7:5-15, and let me know on which side of the argument you fall.
(b) Fair enough, but beside my point: money AS SUCH is not the issue at hand.

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