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Comment Re:As intended. (Score 0) 586

The idea that our government could plan anything this complex and succeed is preposterous.

Who said the government planned it. It could have been planned by their corporate overlords.

it could aswell be the natural outcome of greed. a group of people behaving with no social/environmental concern is very likely to end up burning out anything surronding it. if unopposed, that is.

Comment Re:You can do this in Java already? (Score 0) 149

that's true too. and in contrast to chess in the sw game the board does change, and so do the rules. it seems sw is no game for old men! :-)

my point is that if you screw it up too badly at the initial design, you will need lots of iterations to sort it out. you'll may face situations where needed changes are so extensive/complex/impacting that you have a really hard time with them. minecraft seems to be such a case. just an impression, though.

Comment Re:You can do this in Java already? (Score 0) 149

i'd throw in that experienced chess players play better partly because they simply don't see the bad moves, and don't have to bother with them.

if you have to implement a design to see it's flaws, it's just lack of experience. of course you'll get there by iteration, eventually, but in the process you'll have accumulated some experience in the field, and won't repeat the same mistakes the next time.

Comment Re:You can do this in Java already? (Score 0) 149

the problem with minecraft is not that it is slow, but a resource hog, both on the client and the server. i haven't looked at the code, but this and the fact that a whole team hasn't been able in a couple of years to fix this points more at a deficient design than at a poor implementation. if the problem is the architecture, language differences matter a lot less.

that said, adding js to it is way cool, but ... rhino! oh my ...

Comment Re:Woohoo piracy returns! (Score 0) 203

Are you kidding me? Rapidshare was a goldmine of copyright infringement. It's not as much anymore simply because there are now more alternatives and it's harder to search it.

technically, "copyright infringement" is claiming *authorship* of someone else's work. i doubt there is much of this on rapidshare or anywhere else in the internet. learn english, or stop reading propaganda (its unhealthy). (please note: this last sentence is not directed at you, a stranger in the net whom i fully respect, but at all the tons of idiocy spread around the term "copyright")

Comment Re:Can we speak in clear terms? (Score 1) 412

not really. quoting from the EPI study:

PISA reports that 35 percent of its test takers were eligible
for the free and reduced-price lunch (FRPL) program.
The National Center for Education Statistics reports that
36 percent of all U.S. high school students were FRPL
eligible during the 2008–2009 school year in which the
PISA sample was selected. In this respect, the sample
seems representative.

then it goes on:

However, it is not sufficient to have a representative proportion
of FRPL-eligible students in the overall sample, because we know that
disadvantaged students perform more poorly if they attend schools where
they are not integrated with more advantaged students and are instead
heavily concentrated with other FRPL-eligible students.

oh, really? isn't this highly subjective. and they claim the sample is biased? i'm not defending the actual sampling process. i say that these appreciations don't seem as signifficant considering the whole process and the trend in successive surveys. the report is pretty overwhelming, resorting in this kind of juggling is bs. of course that's all just statistics.

Comment FYI (Score 0) 412

The sampling frame
All NPMs were required to construct a school sampling frame to correspond to their national defined target population.

quoted from the PISA 2009 Technical Report, which gives detailed information about the sampling procedure, stratification an bias corrections. they make complete sense considering the report's abjectives. and since they're very clearly defined, they mike kinda total morons of those guys at EPI (and slashdot) who seem to totally fail to grasp the purpose of such a study.

of course i have no say regarding the honesty/rigor the sampling procedure was actually carried out, but this is not wat the counter-study challenges. as said, absolute morons. there goes your elite, guys!

Comment Re:Can we speak in clear terms? (Score 0) 412

Exactly, they should find some manner of ranking like vs. like. It's not interesting to say that the US ranks below Canada because the US has a lot of poor kids. It is interesting to say whether the US ranks below or above Canada /among rich kids/ and /among poor kids/ separately. That will tell us something real about our system.

so having lots of poor kids and shitty public education isn't something real? you're making it worse :-)

it's just a statistical study comparing education across countries, not social classes. it doesn't question how well prepared US elite might be, it evaluates the education system as a whole, and thus the sample needs to be representative of the whole population.

it's not so hard to understand. are you poor or what? xD

Comment Re:Summary Confusing (Score 0) 412

"...: a sampling bias that includes a higher proportion of lower socio-economic classes from the U.S. than are in the general population and a higher proportion of of U.S. students than non-U.S."

I read that 5 times and still don't understand it. Am I part of the reason the US is ranked low? Or is the writer of the summary?

basically the editor is proving that PISA has a point, regardless of Standford/EPI attempting to dodge the issue.

Comment seems fair (Score 0) 228

i might gladly pay the 100 bucks if i got sworn assurance he would personally read it and not some community manager.
oh, and facebook should have paid the little $500 fee i just established for receiving emails from me, of course.

i certainly would. if i had something to say to this dipshit, that is.
fucking retarded shit, this facebook thing. can you really believe this?

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