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Comment Re:He missed the point... (Score 1) 704

Business majors graduate with an understanding of what it takes to build a business in today's markets. Architects and engineers graduate with an understanding of what it takes to design and create things in today's world.

No they don't. They come out with basic skills, just like CS majors (or doctors, lawyers, and so on), and need to work with experienced practitioners in order to become proficient. The best graduates are usually the ones who spent some time as an intern and got an idea of what actually goes on in their field.

Comment Re:the least stressful career (per dollar) is (Score 1) 370

I think you can take any job where you have to deal with the public and toss it into the "stressful" heap. I worked at a refreshment stand one summer and hated people by the end of it. But I think a job where you sentence people with fines or jail time will get more than it's share of stress.

Maybe engineers should be in the non-stress category. What's the Douglas Adams quote? "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Comment Re:I don't understand this world (Score 1, Insightful) 370

In the 19th century, surprisingly few people had iPads, flat screen TVs, two cars, and, heck, indoor plumbing.

They could also look forward to yellow fever, polio, dying before the age of 50, no warning on hurricanes, and nobody caring about your civil rights if you were female, colored or non-Christian.

Other than that, it was heaven.

Comment Re:the least stressful career (per dollar) is (Score 4, Funny) 370

Judge on the state bench. They get fat salaries (usually well over $100K), pensions, the usual perks of state employees (vacation and sick day carryovers etc), and many have lifetime tenure on top of that.

Except that once in a while someone is screaming that they want to kill you.

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