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Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 304

Apparently, this is all legal in TX, where courts have already decided that ANY agreement between employer and employee is legal and binding, and that there is no concept of duress or pressure to sign.

Are you sure about that? From my viewpoint here in FL that's pretty much the opposite of how a "right-to-work" state functions.

Comment Re:Ya no kidding (Score 2) 243

I have yet to meet anyone who has gotten a tablet for any kinds of real reason other than a toy.

My girlfriend is an occupational therapy assistant & uses her iPad during fine motor therapy sessions. The kids & most seniors she works with love it. She bought her iPad after getting to evaluate all the OTA apps available for it at a convention (they weren't on Android at the time, but are now). She keeps her notes & schedules on it as well.

Comment Re:Labels (Score 3, Funny) 511

Happens all the time actually.

Absolutely yes, in the US. In the past public urination was charged as indecent exposure. There was little thought to how that was worded until the sex offender registry became so broad that it included all who were convicted of this crime. Thousands of people register for public urination, mooning, streaking and many other acts that don't fit the image we have of a sex offender.

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