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Submission + - World's 1st NTP synchronized nixie tube clock

Heiko writes: "Tech Fans of the Fifties or Sixties love them, because they combine old technology with a stylish look: Nixie Tubes. The most practical way of placing those beauties in your living room is to use them to build a clock. Because the WAF (women's acceptance factor) of those handmade and shiny time displays is pretty high (when compared to 80" plasma TV sets or laser guided cold beverage-serving robots), you have a good chance of passing the acceptance test at home with such a gadget.

A German company normally focusing on network time servers or GPS time and frequency equipment now built the first standalone nixie clock which is getting its time from an NTP server. That could be a local PC or server, a public NTP server (like the ones from NIST/USNO) or one of the NTP servers of the NTP Pool Server Project.

So, mum, if you still do not know what xmas present you should buy me, this would be a good guess."

Submission + - Green Tea good for you due to Quantum Tunneling

Frumious Wombat writes: Green tea is supposed to be good for you, but the antioxidants are available in such low quantities why has been a mystery. Now a team of researchers at Autonomous University of Barcelona have used high-level computational studies to demonstrate the antioxidants make complexes which enhance quantum-mechanical tunneling, thereby speeding the reaction enough to compete with damaging peroxide-radical reactions.

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