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Comment Re:Apple's activity is criminal here, Palm's is le (Score 2, Interesting) 656

You really don't understand what a monopoly is do you?

the USB IF acts to maintain the USB standard - and it features vendor ID codes that are assured (by the specification) to be unique to each individual vendor who uses them.

They *must* act to prevent other companies from just deciding to use a Vendor ID *that does not belong to them* (read: have not licenced to use because the ID has been licenced by someone else, namely Apple).

How on earth did this get +1 informative?

The sole reason the USB IF exists in the first place is to prevent (or correct) issues like this arising, when one company breaks the spec for their own ends.

Comment Re:I hate it when people venerate/elevate scumbags (Score 1) 453

"Most secure ever", even if a relative term, still implies that MS believed that security was a priority for this product, and also a selling point. If they didn't believe it was secure in any way, then they would never have used the term "most secure ever", or even have referred to security at all.

The fact that they try to use some fine print buried in the EULA to give themselves an out doesn't resolve them from responsibility. If they tout security in any way, then they're claiming their OS is secure. This makes them responsible if there are blatant security flaws which they neglect to fix in a timely fashion.

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