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Comment Re:7lbs? - answer (Score 1) 249

Yeah, the old process involved using a cutter to separate the front from the funnel while under a constant spray of water to keep lead dust from killing people, though I believe I misspoke and they actually leave the leaded section leaded until it's reprocesses. The front section is typically vacuumed or washed out to remove the phosphorus powder (which is a bastard to clean up when you break one sometimes) and then different glasses are separated and graded before being sent to smelters or glass to glass recyclers.

Most newer methods of seen involve updraft systems that basically keep the air moving away from any personnel while the cutting and breaking is done, although in my experience many places using this method don't appropriately maintain their ventilation systems which are prone to clogging (and then becoming completely useless, even though if you try to check it by hand you can still feel the air current)

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