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Comment Observium, ESXi, and Hobbit (Score 4, Informative) 424

The combo of Observium (network monitoring), Hobbit (monitor everything with extreme ease), and either ESXi or Proxmox VE for consolidation and ease of management/isolation/testing/etc has served me well for years to take control of large organizations quickly. Last two business I was hired to fix, I set this up and then built a parallel enterprise as VMs (the right way this time) and then cut everyone over in a weekend. No one noticed the change except to say stuff didn;t crash anymore and it was really fast.

Also OpenFiler and NexentaStor make for a great SAN.

If you need more: PFSense for firewall or VLAN router, BlueIris for IP cameras, PBX in a Flash for VoIP, SoGo for Outlook compatible email, LibreOffice, etc.


Submission + - Sprint iPhone pre-sales will be handled online; n ( 1

hazytodd writes: Sprint has confirmed that iPhone pre-sales will be accommodated entirely online. Sprint’s retail stores will not have the ability to take iPhone pre-orders, and the carrier also confirmed to BGR that Sprint stores will not offer “Device Wait Lists,” meaning customers cannot add their names to a list in order to be guaranteed a device on launch day.

Submission + - Forensics: "File System Spoofing." (

iiiears writes: Currently, Casper may select fake root file system image on evidentiary media (e.g. HDD), because there are no authenticity checks performed (except optional UUID check for a possible live file system), and this fake root file system image may be used to execute malicious code during the boot with root privileges.

Submission + - Apache Patches Bypass Attack, But Other Web Platfo (

An anonymous reader writes: An attack that boils down to a missing forward-slash symbol could give hackers access databases, firewalls, routers, and other internal network resources via misconfigured reverse-proxy Web servers. Researchers first spotted the flaw in Apache, which has just issued a patch for it, but other Web platforms are also likely susceptible.

Apache Issues Patch To Stop Reverse-Proxy Bypass Attack


Submission + - Did Alternative Medicine Contribute to Steve Jobs' ( 9

ideonexus writes: "An aspect of Steve Jobs' battle with cancer that the media has been glossing over is the fact that Jobs' spent nine months pursuing alternative therapies to treat his tumor before finally having it surgically removed as modern medicine recommended. Jobs' particular form of pancreatic cancer was very treatable and had a high survival rate, but his delay in seeking professional medical treatment moved him into the low survival rate group.

This raises the question, how could someone as wealthy and intelligent as Steve Jobs do something so foolish as to completely disregard modern medicine in treating such a life-threatening disease? And how much money did Jobs' "naturopath" make off of prescribing a clinically-unproven diet that delayed an effective treatment and dramatically reduced his chances of survival?"

Submission + - Searching for Mark Pilgrim (

microphage writes: Mark Pilgrim, author of many "Dive into.." books and guides, has — as the saying now goes — "committed infosuicide", which happily isn't like the real sort. Except it affects your info that you've created. Let's hope Dive Into HTML5 has some sort of permanence.

Comment Good point! (Score 1) 360

You are dead on that algae is a super fuel and is cheap. The reason corn and palm oil has dominated the bio fuel markets is national economics pure and simple. Corn is horrible for a fuel source and has cause the price of food around the world to skyrocket (and I come from where it is booming the local economy). Palm oil production has done more to slash and burn rain forest than beef production ever has.

The problem with algae production for fuel is that it is difficult for any nation to grow out the production on anything except international waters and no one can own that. Okay, the problem lies with strictly capitalistic countries and the multinational companies that have strong vested interests in seeing that never happens.

Corn subsidies in the United States are tens of billions of dollars and yet corn is selling for the highest price in history. These are not family farms. They are gigantic factory farms owned by huge corporations. That's what needs to be fought to get algae accepted. It sucks.

Comment Breeder lower the cost dramatically over time (Score 1) 360

I know this comes off as naive to the security issues, but small breeders are much cheaper to build and maintain and the waste costs are next to nothing (which is where most of the operating expenses come from). I don't have a problem with wind. I live in Indiana and we are building a huge wind farm here to get away from our other big native energy source - cheap coal.

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