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The Military

Submission + - DARPA shows off running "cheetah" robot (

coondoggie writes: "Technologists from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are showing off what they say is the fastest legged robot. The "Cheetah" robot is capable of galloping at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour (mph), which set a new land speed record for legged robots. The previous record was 13.1 mph, set in 1989, DARPA stated."

Submission + - OpenBSD IPv6 Fragment Handling Sanity (+RFC compliance) Well Ahead of the Pack ( writes: "In a blog post titled IPv6 NIDS evasion and improvements in IPv6 fragmentation/reassembly, security consultants SI6 Networks report on some experiments they conducted recently in order to test IPv6 fragment handling in various general-purpose operating systems.

While the authors did not say so in so many words, the conclusion is that OpenBSD is ahead of the pack in both RFC compliance as well as sane and secure handling of IPv6 fragments.

Read the full article over at the SI6 site: IPv6 NIDS evasion and improvements in IPv6 fragmentation/reassembly"


Submission + - Ubuntu Android add-on designed to replace PCs (

alphadogg writes: Canonical has unveiled software that will give Android smartphones the ability to run full desktop computer sessions on computer monitors and television sets. "The processors at the heart of smartphones are approaching the power of low-end laptop processors, so we use the horsepower to power a desktop experience," said Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. "If you link your phone to a computer monitor and keyboard, then the phone can drive a full desktop session." The company is launching the software, called Ubuntu for Android, at the Mobile World Congress, being held next week in Barcelona.

Comment Blame the design of the Operating System (Score 1) 477

"Worse then that, Adobe against splash screens. Welcome to Photoshop, please stare at this logo while we load plugins and filters you wont be using

Isn't it possible for the app to save it's state, instead of having to load the plugins and filters each time. Except loading plugins involves copying a DLL into memory, so we should be blaming the designer of the Operating System.

Comment How to deal with this inflation of priorities (Score 1) 304

"I work for an IT company that has a steady stream of projects .. our development resources are not sufficient to cover the amount of projects. As a result, our delivery dates are slipping .. How does your company deal with this inflation of priorities?"

Fire whoever compiles the project list and then have the technical staff choose a single project and work on it until completion, then move onto the next one.

Submission + - Debian Position on Software Patents (

microphage writes: Unless communications related to patents are subject to attorney-client privilege, community members may be forced to produce them in a lawsuit. Also, patent concerns expressed publicly may turn out to be unfounded but create a good deal of fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the meantime. Therefore, please refrain from posting patent concerns publicly or discussing patents outside of communication with legal counsel, where they are subject to attorney-client privilege.

Comment I have the solution (Score 1) 416

"I need a break. I need to walk away from it, and want to look at doing something that doesn't focus heavily on the IT industry day in, day out. Unfortunately, I'm locked to a regional city and I've just spent the majority of my adult life coding, with no other major skills to fall back on"

As someone who spent the majority of your working life in coding you will find a reluctance to hire you on in other areas, regardless of what skills you would bring to the task. The usual way out for aging IT techies is to become, but then again you probably don't display the necessary Machiavellian mentality to be a successive PHB. A realistic solution is to go into teaching coding.

definition: PHB

Submission + - Cisco on the latest security threatsx (

microphage writes: "To give you a little bit of history, I've been in the computer security industry for almost 25 years, and the responsibilities I hold are the traditional corporate information security functions. I also co-chair the products security board and am involved in a significant portion of the way we do government work around the globe, with implementation for military intelligence and public sector customers. So I end up having three views of the security challenges we face. My observations and what we hear most from customers, at least circa 2012, is that their challenges breaking down essentially into a "triad of triads," with one of those aspects most often causing them the most significant fits".

Submission + - Former Goldman Programmer's Conviction Overturned (

i_want_you_to_throw_ writes: "It appears the legal woes of Sergey Aleynikov, a former Goldman Sachs Group computer programmer, who had been convicted of stealing part of the Wall Street bank's high-frequency trading code, are now over. A federal appeals court overturned his conviction and recommended acquittal. Slashdot previously covered this story when he was sentenced to 97 months. It will be interesting to see their reasoning (an opinion is to be released) as well as what this may mean for other programmers developing high frequency trading code."

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