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Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 158

No, ease-of-use and supported workflowa are easily far more important than the end result. If the tool is hard to use and/or makes you have to waste time retooling your workflow most people will pass. Their time is not worthless.

Comment Re:Of course it did (Score 2) 82

1) 100 million ipad users is NOTHING. A large portion of both fortune 500 companies as well as non fortune 500 companies utilize Amazon Services in some form or fashion. We are talking far more than 100 million users here.

There are currently around 145 million people employed in the US. The Fortune 500 in 2006 employed around 25 million people and even at an extremely high 5% growth YOY that would still only be 35 million employees. A far cry from the 100+ million you claim above and here. So, sorry, but you can keep repeating this faulty claim but its still wrong.

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