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Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 170

You have hit the nail on the head, but I'll elaborate for those people playing along at home.

The price of oil is mainly dependent on the cost to get the last gallon out of the ground. If 90% of the worlds oil can be dug up for $20 a barrel, but that last 10% costs $140/bbl then everyone pays $140/bbl. If you can expand your $20/bbl oil to the whole world's supply then you can lower the price, and the guys sitting on the $140/bbl oil won't be able to make any money. With the consumption rate of oil going up, there is the possibility of the current oil sources not being sufficient, so we'd need to go find some more oil, which would probably be more expensive.

Comment Re:Not all new car buyers carry smartphones (Score 1) 82

Yes. New cars are quite expensive purchases and are usually done by people with relatively high disposable incomes. There exist people like your adoptive mother who (I assume) don't see the need to carry a computer with them every where they go. For the most part they probably don't care about the toys on a new car either and are more interested in the reliability aspect.

The statistics speak for themselves, most people with enough disposable income (and quite a few who can't really afford it) have smart phones.

Comment Re:Thank you anti-vaxers! (Score 3, Informative) 316

But it was the anti-vaxxers who reduced the number of people by enough that the transmission rates have gone up. I am vaccinated, but I know that it is not 100% effective. If it's 90% effective and I'm the only person who has it I still have a 10% risk. If everyone around me has also had it my risk drops to 1%. These statistics matter when you start talking about outbreaks and pandemics.

Comment Re:The problem never seems to be the guns.... (Score 2) 1388

It's not that guns are the only way to cause mass death and fear, it is that they make it easier.

Nutcase+ability to do lots of damage=a bad day. If we reduce the number of nutcases (by making access to mental health more prevalent) and reduce the number of ways to create lots of damage (partly by restricting guns) then we will reduce the number of bad days we have.

Comment Re:Mix (Score 1) 620

If only there was some way we could make decisions based on the specific details of the particular circumstance rather than relying on some universal ideals about what should happen every time. We'd have to hire a whole force of people to go about and look at specific situations and police what happens.

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