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Submission + - Rusty Foster creator of Kuro5hin and Scoop is dead ( 4

Arno Stark writes: Rusty Foster went on a trip to Mexico recently. He got sick and went to a hospital for treatment and then died. His Facebook page was frozen in memorial mode and his Twitter account was frozen as well. He forked Slashdot into a Perl based software called Scoop and started Kuro5hin and then helped The Daily Kos with their software for their web site.

Submission + - ASK SLASHDOT: advice for getting career back on track

msamp writes: After the dotcom bubble burst so long ago,when tech jobs were so scarce, I went back to school and finished my PhD in Physics. They lied — there really is no shortage of scientists. Before the downturn I was a product manager for home networking equipment. Since getting the degree I have been program/project manager for small DoD and NASA instrumentation programs. I desperately want back into network equipment product management, but my networking tech skills aren't up to date. I find networking technology absolutely trivial and have been retraining on my own, but hiring managers see the gap and the PhD and run screaming. I'm more than willing to start over in network admin but can't even get considered for that. Suggestions?

Comment I'm sorry, but what? (Score 1) 227

This is pure layman's WTFishness coming here, no legal experience whatsoever, but I can't quite understand how someone could feel they have a case here. How can one patent the actual "act" of doing something? At my place of business right now, we have a Xerox Workcentre 7775. We paid money for the purchase, the service contract with a local copier company for initial training, and now maintenance & supplies. We have many staff members entered into the simple one-touch menu, where it take their document, scans it, and e-mails a PDF attachment.

Are these people claiming they own a patent on us using a product we own, that was designed with this specific feature?

Comment Reminds me of back in the day (Score 4, Funny) 93

I once worked for a university IT department, where a lot of us still retained our old "not everyone needs e-mail" addresses well in to the late 90's, such as simple,, and so on. One day our rather red-faced director, "Steve", came out to us and said it may be time for everyone to adopt the current "jsmith" standard, and told how a young woman on campus had just sent a quite amorous e-mail to her boyfriend, also name of "Steve", but she only put his first name in the To: field.

Comment is a redirect (Score 1) 909

to, i.e. a faculty website of of Dr. Don Hillger, a Colo St meteorologist.

As long as the "U.S. Metric Association" continues to run out of the digital equivalent of a man's garage, and with a ~1999 web design to boot, it will not be taken seriously.

Comment Re:Am I one of the few... (Score 1) 376

I agree. They're better than the originals, especially Revenge of the Sith.

I think the biggest problem is that the originals left so much open to the imagination when it came to the prequels. People grew up on them and their imagination of the prequels took hold and they imagined them to be something they couldn't possibly be. Too many people as adults continued to remember Star Wars from their childhood perspective and never acknowledged much of the silliness and flaws -- the silliness and flaws weren't apparent when we were children and they're hard to acknowledge as an adult because that would mean reassessing the quality of those films.

OMG that is EXACTLY what I have tried to convey to people I know, pretty much since 1999...I think my problem though was less-flattering terminology, i.e. "man-children still cherishing their Yoda Undaroos".

But yea, who among us didn't start concocting images in our heads of what the other movies would be like as soon as walking out of the theatre in '83? I think a lot of childhood imagination was pored into that 83-99 time period, and that late-20-early-30-something walked into the Phantom Menace expecting that same childlike wonder to wash over them, but y'know, they weren't actually kids anymore.

The later films had flaws, sure, but they weren't the high crime that many...many many made them out to be.

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