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Comment Re:It will be an improvement (Score 2) 83

That's not the point.

The problem illustrated is that recognized experts in a field are routinely shouted down by pseudonymous man-children. This is exemplified, ironically enough in a Wikipedia project-space titled "Randy in Boise" -

If Randy and a bunch of Randy's friends find a blog that says there were skeleton warriors in the Peloponnesian War, they can crowd-surf their opinion in and keep the experts' out. The Wikipedia is an exercise in gang warfare, not "crowd-sourced writing" as Jimmy-Bob likes to espouse.

Comment Does your school have any tech surplus? (Score 1) 508

We're at the point now of retiring 2008-era Core2Duo PCs, and plan to make these (and some Atom netbooks. Ugh what a bad purchasing decision that was) available for free to staff & students that want something for basic word processing and web access needs. Most will go out with Vista Business, which won't hit end-of-life til Spring 2017. All they'll need to get for themselves elsewhere is a monitor.

So hit up your IT people and see what they have.

Comment Re:I'm surprised (Score 2) 109

I thought Breathed tended to be both more good natured and fairly even handed in poking fun at people. Doonesbury, not quite so much in either respect.

Well you have to remember that back then, there were such creatures as conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans, which are almost extinct today. War hawks, religious fundamentalism, friendly to big business, anti-nuclear power/weapons, and so on and so on were all issues that spanned the aisle.

Comment I look forward to this (Score 1) 109

I was ~10 in the mid-80s, remember reading Bloom County every Sunday in the Boston Globe. I didn't get half of what it was about at the time, like why arming a bassalope with a warhead was funny, why Ed Meese didn't want them to say "snugglebunnies!", why Steve sued the camera company when Sean Penn broke his back, or why the gang wanted to visit a "wild, spunky, chunky planet of Mary Lou Retton clones". But things gradually made sense, from reading top looking up things to listening to one of the Big 3 news anchors talk about current events.

Things really started to click when the PMRC hearings staerted up, as I was just beginning to take an interest in music at the time, and the whole Deathtongue --> Billy and the Boingers thing was amazing.

I've always felt that Breathed would come back (and he has come back at times, with "Outland" and "Opus") when he has something fresh to say. Maybe in a world of constant news and constant parody of the news...and a blurry line in between...a 2015 Bloom County won't be quite as subversive or unique as it once was, but I trust that the author wouldn't come back unless he had good material to come back with.

Comment Re:I'm surprised (Score 4, Insightful) 109

"If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain."

Perhaps we should see who he lampoons first...

This saying has always felt like a selfish, vapid outlook on life. Should we push for progress and get what we want when young, then when we have what we want,, resist the progressiveness of the next generation? "I got what I want so shove off" ?

Comment Re:How many PCs before WSUS? (Score 1) 374

How many Windows PCs would a small business normally be expected to have in operation before purchasing a Windows Server on which to run WSUS?

Small companies don't need to run it on a separate server. It can be running on virtually any other server.

Provided they're already running a Windows Server. Let me rephrase: How many Windows PCs would a small business normally be expected to have in operation before purchasing a Windows Server at all?

That's kinda hard to say, it'd depend on the needs of the business. So no Windows server at all means no domain controller, active directory and all that, i.e. workstations with un-managed local logins? For me, that would get a bit unwieldy past 15-20 workstations or so.

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 374

Yeah, I need a GPO to block this from Win7 computers where users are local Admins. Yeah yeah, they shouldn't be, but some apps they use require elevated privilege.

Do your clients not update from a local WSUS server? It isn't available at all there, and would only bee seen if the user clicks the "check Microsoft for updates" link.

Comment Dear Phi Sigma Alpha (Score 1) 257

Please sue me too.

Phi Sigma Sigma (PSS) secretly stands for Philanthropic Social Society. However, this is never written down or recorded (until now) because it is so "sacred". The Handshake consists of a series of motions. Member A first begins with the pointer finger and the thumb surrounding Member B's pointer finger and thumb. This is the "Phi". Then Member A wraps the remaining fingers, middle, ring and pinky around the hand as a symbol of the "Sigma". Depending on who is the senior member, the pinky finger is wrapped around the older member's hand. Next is the hand knock. It goes Knock. Pause. Knock. Pause. Knock, knock, knock. The meetings are set up usually with the President, VP and other officers sitting at the front. The President wears a yellow or gold robe and the officers wear royal blue robes. The remaining members sit across from the officers in a pyramid formation with the base closest to the officers and the apex farthest from the officers. Members are seated by class order, then by alphabetical order. The table at which the President and Vice President are seated consists of candles on each side. Two gold candles and one blue at each corner of the table. Members usually recite an oath, "We, the members of Phi Sigma Sigma, promise to keep secret and sacred all of our proceedings." The way to enter the pyramid is by using the hand knock to notify the members you are wanting to enter the room. The President will respond back with her gavel by repeating the knock. The person will enter then travel to the apex of the pyramid formation. The President will say the secret and sacred words "Remove the Veil" and then the member will respond back with the Chapter's name, example, "Zeta Eta." The Gold and King Blue symbolize "Perpetuity" and "Sincerity". At initiation, blue "veils" (tulle from the local fabric store) are placed on the heads of the potential new members and are later removed to symbolize some sort of occult transformation and that they are full-fledged members.

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