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Comment Re:I first reported on this (Score 1) 162

What's that the time Peter Whysall was going crazy and deleting stuff and banning people for no good reason other than he disagreed with their opinions? Then Mike Crawford made a Story in the queue about everyone donating money for Peter to travel to Amsterdam to get laid with hookers or something? It got Crawford banned and then they got his account back, and Peter left K5 after that. I think Peter takes pictures for a living now, his sociopathic personality made it so he couldn't hold a job.

Comment Re:I first reported on this (Score 0) 162

Yes but they didn't have to do this to the rest of us. Don't fake the death of the founder just to drive up more visitors to the web site to check it out and pay their respects. I myself moved on from Kuro5hin long ago, I only paid my respects to Rusty because I thought he was dead, and people needed to know so I posted it to Slashdot and other places. I got the feeling I will be getting emails from Nigerian Princes now after how gullible I've been over this.

Comment Re:He got better.. (Score 0) 4

Yes he claims he knew that Tiber was doing this when I asked him about it on Twitter after I found out I was duped. I posted this story out of respect for him, and I went through a lot thinking he did die and people needed to know. Only to find out that Rusty and Tiber were doing some sort of 'Disruptive Journalism' to get Kuro5hin popular again.

Comment Re:Is this for real? (Score 0) 4

Nope I was duped by some guy named Tiber aka Josh. After a while Rusty's Twitter account started to work again and he got his Facebook account back. Tiber is a user of his Kuro5hin web site, and apparently got Rusty's social networking accounts disabled in "Memorial Mode" and then posted the news to Reddit in the /r/tech subreddit where I read it and got fooled. Turns out they did it for publicity to drive more traffic to the Kuro5hin web site. I asked Rusty on Twitter after he got his account back that he was full aware of what Tiber was doing. When I asked more questions about it, he decided to block my account on Twitter. I suspect it was a false flag operation for driving more people to the dying Kuro5hin web site. File this under 'Disruptive Journalism', it was all done for attention as part of a failed marketing drive.

Comment I first reported on this (Score 5, Interesting) 162

received bad karma for it. Looks like the repost made it to the front page. I contacted Rusty on Twitter after it was found out to be a hoax, but he blocked my account. Before he blocked me, he admitted he knew Josh did it. I think it was done on purpose for free publicity for Kuro5hin and Rusty Foster to breath life into their dying web site.

Submission + - Rusty Foster creator of Kuro5hin and Scoop is dead ( 4

Arno Stark writes: Rusty Foster went on a trip to Mexico recently. He got sick and went to a hospital for treatment and then died. His Facebook page was frozen in memorial mode and his Twitter account was frozen as well. He forked Slashdot into a Perl based software called Scoop and started Kuro5hin and then helped The Daily Kos with their software for their web site.

Comment Windows RT is not a gaming platform (Score 0) 308

people don't buy Windows RT tablets to play games. They buy them to run that built in MS-Office 2013 and log into Facebook and maybe even read email or watch a few videos. The Windows RT devices are not designed for playing games. In order to play a game you need a decent CPU and graphics card, which Windows RT devices do not have.

Comment Nice PR control (Score 2) 424

Instead of addressing the issue and making sure the work was done and that nobody had stolen the jewelry, he instead sues her and then it makes the front page of Slashdot. So is this the Streisand Effect? If he ignored it, or dealt with it better, it wouldn't have gotten so bad? Didn't the contractor just make this worse for him now? Freedom of speech does not apply, it is only protection from the government. He has to prove her statements are false and she knows they are false and that she meant to defame him. If the statements are true, well sucks to be him.

Comment I canceled my Netflix subscription (Score -1, Offtopic) 190

because my Playstation 3 was having problems streaming their videos. When I watched a video it would pause countless times and freeze up. Sometimes I got a "maintenance mode error". My parents would visit and my father was dying of a brain tumor and lung cancer and we used the PS3 to show them movies they wanted to watch at our house. Nothing like waiting 6 hours to watch an hour and a half movie or not watching it all the way through. I wonder if they measure time of how long the Netflix client is open, rather than how much information is being sent? When I went to troubleshoot the problem with Netflix they always wanted me to open up Internet Explorer on my PC. I kept telling them that it was on the Playsation 3. I went into the PC and told them I use Firefox, but they insisted I try Internet Explorer. Made sure Silverlight and the right Dotnet was installed, cleared cookies and cache, ran a virus scan no viruses detected. I told them "What about the PS3?" and they told me to watch videos on Internet Explorer instead. Well the TV for my parents was not hooked up to the PC. They refused to fix the PS3 problems and gave me a hard time, so I canceled them. Some of my father's last days on Earth was getting upset over Netflix not being able to play for him.

Comment Re:I am not defending the USA (Score 1) 325

While you are not defending the USA, you are attacking Russia Today. I know most Slashdot readers hate other news sources, but sometimes you have to read those other news sources to get a different point of view on a story. Sometimes you have to know what Russia thinks about it. Just Google for expat news for different countries, it is usually in International English. Oh yeah Kuro5hin and /R/Kuro5hit says hi, by the way.

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