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Comment No Shit Sherlock (Score 1) 651

I had something like a 2,000 word reply for this article, but on second thought I decided better. Shorter: Hahahahahahahahaha of course not, asshole, and if you don't know why then you shouldn't be the fucking president.

Nobody else would be any better as President IMO, and that in large part is why America is doomed.

Comment Re:Open source win (Score 1) 306

"Security through obscurity is a myth."

It works just fine assuming you get the details right, and while it's true most implementations don't, some do, and they are wildly successful. Saying that it's a myth is a generalization that is simply wrong.

When was the last time you heard about Firewire 1394 DTCP encryption getting cracked? Millions of people have cable STBs with firewire 1394 output. DTCP has been protecting firewire video streams for a dozen years, and no serious attack on it has ever been revealed. DTCP relies a great deal on security through obscurity. Details of the M6 cipher it uses are unknown. Selection of the ECC curve is unknown.

You might think that maybe someone IS working on it, after all, the related (but not the same) HDCP has been cracked wide open, but there is no evidence anywhere that indicates DTCP has been cracked. If it was cracked in some underground lab somewhere you would at least expect to see HW or SW available somewhere that would take advantage of the crack.

But there is nothing, only crickets chirping in the dark while a great example of security through obscurity continues to perform flawlessly year after year after year. And that's no myth.

Comment Re:Incompetence (Score 2) 280

You can't compare #3 with #4 because #4 was shut down for refueling. During refueling, the containment cap is lifted off and laid down off to the side, probably in the corner. For example (this is not the same facitlity), here's a pic of the containment head being lifted off http://www.nucleartourist.com/images/headlift.jpg

And here's another pic that shows refueling underway. http://www.nucleartourist.com/images/rflg-fl2.jpg

Notice the dome sitting on the floor in the back, out of the way. That is probably analogous to what the pictures of Fukushima Daiichi #4 building are showing. You can't assume the containment head position would be the same in the other reactor buildings.

Comment I can't believe it (Score 0, Troll) 179

You actually got me to click on a link that went to Fox News. Thanks, but I like being well-informed, so I think I'll wait until a real news organization reports on this. Google News, for some reason, keeps popping up links to them, too. Looks like it's finally time to block them at the firewall, just in case.


Submission + - Japan:Caesium measured, melt down may have started (nhk.or.jp) 5

Anonymous Coward writes: "A japanese media broadcaster (NHK) as well es German tagesschau.de and Reuters report a possible start of a melt down in Fukushima 1/1 as caesium, a by product of melt downs was measured near the reactor: 'The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says nuclear material cesium has been detected near the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Number One nuclear power plant. The agency says the detection indicates that some of the nuclear fuel at the reactor may have started melting, because cesium is produced during a nuclear chain reaction' (NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation)."

Comment Wheel Stop (Score 1) 205

When a shuttle lands and rolls to a stop, does the crew call out "Wheels Stopped", or is it "Wheel Stop"? I always thought it was the latter, and it bugs me to no end that most transcripts and news stories about landings always print the former. Yeah, it's a small nitpick, but as the shuttle program winds down it's time to get all the little stuff put to bed.

Congratulations to Discovery and all who built, flew and maintained her lo these many years. You will be missed.

Comment Re:Advertising demographics trumps genre (Score 1) 742

Every comment except this one should just be deleted. It's a race to the bottom and nobody cares anymore. What I find surprising is the huge amount of people that simply don't "get it", and "it" is: TV, Cable and Radio programming exists not for you, the viewer (/listener/consumer). It exists for the broadcasters to sell the viewers (listeners) to the advertisers. The advertisers are the networks' customers, not you, the cable subscriber/radio listener. Once you understand that everything else makes sense.

Comment Need the login box back (Score 1) 2254

There are only so many times I am going to login by manually typing my userid and password.

I'd like a page or form that Firefox can remember. Or even better, a single URL that I can bookmark that logs me in when I access it. Slashdot used to have something like that a few years ago. When that disappeared, at least we had the loging box on the right. Now that's gone too.

There are a good number of issues put forth in this thread. How about a RESPONSE to some of them?

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