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Comment Netcraft Confirms It (Score 5, Interesting) 307

Adrian Lamo and Kevin Poulsen are rats and not to be trusted, and Wired is no longer the magazine of record for the technology industry. I have officially cancelled by subscription, and I seriously suggest that anybody who is interested in such a trashy rag read Vallywag for free.

For more evidence of Adrian Lamo being a lying rat bastard, listen to him try to explain himself as following his conscience in Informants Panel at The Next HOPE.

PS: He also lies about never having been controlling or being the subject of a restraining order. He is a real piece of trash.

Comment Re:Hitting a woman (Score 1) 12

Any time you try to get a job, you have to cop to a criminal record. If you marry a woman, have children, and then get divorced, forget ever having custody of the children unless your ex-wife is a literal axe-murder and in prison.

If you're willing to do that for the sake of pride, be my guest. Me? I'll just withdraw from the situation to a safe place and call the police. If you don't hit them, they go to jail and you win.

Comment Women and kindness (Score 1) 12

I am kind in the same way that you are, mcgrew. There was a woman I was kind to, and she started taking advantage of that kindness. Of course, I was a dumb 20-something kid and let this happen a few too many times, and I was also a dumb man and slept with her a few times. There was never talk of a relationship, and she dated a few men without a word spoken about it by me. I really did not care, nor did I really care much for her (I saw us as friends with occasional benefits when our desires aligned).

Much like Billie, the woman that I had been kind to apparently thought we were in a relationship, despite the fact that we hadn't spoken beyond normal pleasantries in months, and hadn't slept with each other in over a year. I found a new woman, and the new woman and I started dating. The woman I had been kind to became hysterical after she found out, screaming at me about how we were supposed to be together, that I was the nicest to her and had to love her because of that, and that she couldn't believe I would cheat on her.

Leech woman has been out of the picture and new woman is my girlfriend of almost a year now. The reason that I add this comment is that I did something that mcgrew didn't do, and that was I slept with the woman I was kind to because I gave in to my urges. As a warning to the future, don't do that. It just makes things messy.

Comment Re:Hitting a woman (Score 1) 12

That's a game that you will never win.

The moment you hit a woman back, any passerby is going to call the police. The police are never going to believe that you were hit first, and you will go to jail. You will be charged, and you will probably be convicted at trial.

I was raised like mcgrew, so I'll never hit a woman, but I have witnessed one of my friends hauled away in a police car because he dared to hit a woman back after she decked him twice. The police did not believe any of the witnesses for my friend. They believed the uncorroborated word of the woman that punched him. Her crying and acting helpless overwhelmed eyewitness accounts (and there were more eyewitnesses than just my friend's friends).

Comment Re:No Shit Sherlock (Score 1) 333

I pirate HBO's shows because HBO wont let me get their shows with an iTunes purchase, they wont put them on Netflix and they seem to think I'll happily bend over and let them and Comcast have their way with my anal sphincter.

HBO shows are available from Netflix, but not Netflix streaming. I just got done watching True Blood last night.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mod Points

Wow, this is the first time since 2006 that I've had mod points.

Comment Re:My first response as well (Score 2, Insightful) 146

When you go primarily from a content reproducer (Walkman, Discman, VHS VCR) to content producer (Sony Picture Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment), your view on fair use changes. Fair use is good when you are primarily a content reproducer as it ensures that people have a reason to buy your product. Fair use is no good when you are primarily a content producer as it gives people a reason to not buy another copy of your product.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 148

I do realize this, but there are myriad of ways you can design a processor and you can implement the ARM instruction set in microcode if you so choose.

I'm more responding to the belief that processors in general cannot have bugs fixed in the field, not that ARM itself can be fixed with a microcode update.

Comment Re:little kid brother modes (Score 1) 362

This was one of my favorite features of Kirby Super Star for the SNES - you could summon a "helper" with special powers. If nobody was using the second controller, the game would control your helper, but the moment somebody pressed a button on the second controller, the helper was controlled by the second player. There are some places, especially in The Great Cave Adventure, where you NEED the help of the second player to collect all of the items (but not to beat the game, which can be done without collecting all of the items.

The helper couldn't "run out" of lives, though they could die, though it was a single button press by the first player to remake them. Items that regenerated health could be shared with the helper to regenerate their health an equal amount.

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