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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - World of Warcraft uses a new Rootkit

Captain Kirk writes: We all know that World of Warcraft has checked for hacks to ensure a safe game environment for all players.

The latest version of these checks goes beyond anything seen so far in that what is being checked is now completely encrypted. Obviously this hits bot writers as can be seen from these complaints:

But it also strikes at the privacy of all users. Now Blizzard has a tool that is encrypted and can run any type of scan, transfer any file or edit any document on your computer. That can't be right.

Comment Weasel words (Score 2, Interesting) 149

From TFA "As does any advertiser, we aim to give our campaigns a budget"

Come on, what you are doing is bidding whatever it takes to get the sport you want.

That pushes up the price for everyone else. Good for you but bad for your customers.

There is never a case where you lie awake at night worrying if you have bid too much.

"Do no evil" is a great motto and Google is a great company. I feel that they have not considered this from the point of view of Adwords buyers. I'd be surprised if they are still doing it in 12 months. Google would no longer be the Google we love if they are.

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