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Comment ah, so THAT's why i got spam (Score 2) 269

dammit. I downloaded an app from the 'play' store and soon I got 'auto added' to some stupid mailing list. of course, i never asked to join the list and it was not easy to get off of it, either.

when I yelled (using some colorful language) at the so-called owner of the app, he acted all surprised that I was pissed off at his behavior.

had to add a mail filter to stop his absurd 'blog' comments that he insisted we all receive.

google, you have fucked me again. I knew you were no trustworthy but this really takes the cake.

this spamming behavior really need to hit the major news so that everyone knows who and what they are dealing with when they 'download an app' and think that some discretion is preserved.

I hope, someday, google crosses someone with some serious legal power. its just a matter of time before they fuck with the wrong powerful person. and I will cheer the day that google gets punished for their irresponsible behavior.

Comment Re:Move fast and run (Score 3, Interesting) 223

I had an interview at a company that EMC owns. first round went well. really well. I came back a 2nd day for another round and it 'went sideways'. maybe it was supposed to. their mission was to show me how little I knew. 'dick size comparison' is what some call it.

I didn't know some algorithm trick they were asking and so I answered honestly "I'd search for the solution online and then adapt it to the problem at hand". he said 'really, is that your answer?'. I said yes. he looked at his sheet, wrote something down and ended the interview. note, he was at least 20 years my junior. yes, dick size comparison.

my approach is real-world. I stopped carrying around memorized algorithms and I now look for the classic solutions and adapt them or even use them as-is. life is too short to waste greymatter on memorization.

I don't think much of EMC or the companies they own.

in a way, its good that slashvertisements come to the surface. we can then comment on how BAD some of the sponsors are. in a way, that's a useful service.

don't bother with EMC. they are young kids who are out to show off. fuck that shit.

Comment work fast equals 'being a slave' (Score 1) 223

its code words.

when I hear a company (who has money) act like they are a startup, I immediately think 'sweat shop'.

9 times out of 10, I'm right, too.

if you can afford proper staffing, there is NO REASON to 'rush' your people.

unless your culture is such; and then, I want no part of you.

rushing is for 5-50 man startups. NOT large companies.

have fun burning out your employees. we know you don't care.

Comment Re:FSM (Score 1) 763

really think a flood covered the whole earth? and that a guy noah put ALL pairs of animals on there?

you really think that moses split the red sea?

all that stuff happened?

if they lie so much about big stuff, how can you trust even the small stuff they write about?

btw, bibles were written by groups of men with agendas. and the main purpose was NOT to be historically accurate. the main agenda was to sell concepts. hardly the mainstay of history books.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 413

turn it around: MS didn't have enough made since, I'm thinking they didn't believe in the concept enough to invest in a bigger manuf run.

they COULD have made any amount they wanted. consumer electronics are not hard to get made and when you are MS, you can name your partner (or partners) and demand anything you want.

this is 100% intentional. they didn't make enough since they wanted to test the waters, first. and also 'impress' people with fake under-supplies.

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