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Comment Re:"Linus is an asshole" - Alan (Score 2) 214

"It may not be the most effective, but it is the most common by far. Shaming performance "meetings", stern "talking-to" and threats of poor performance reviews are the standard motivational tools. Bonuses, free pizza and beer on fridays, and the occasional "attaboy" are far and few between, from my experience."

No argument here, that is definitely the most common, despite the fact that I don't think it works.

Also, sometimes someone can play the "asshole" role (strict or no-nonsense project management) without it being a completely negative reinforcement. Someone needs to stay focused on the overall objective and unfortunately has to "crack the whip" once in a while to remind others to stay focused as well.

Granted, it's a fine line. Unfortunately for Linux, Linus is incompetent at that aspect of his job.

Comment Re:To Recap (Score 1) 656

Whoa, hold the phone there, bubba. The federal defender's office is elite; when a position opens up experienced lawyers with Ivy League educations fight each other for the job. While not as adequately funded as US attorneys' offices they aren't on a shoestring budget. Speaking as an experienced lawyer myself I would take a federal public defender any day of the week if I was charged.

Comment Hmm (Score 1) 278

Free speech incorporates the right not to say things just as much as it incorporates the right to say things. YouTube should be allowed to determine what it is saying on its network just as much as the creator of the video should on whatever channels it controls. EFF is wrong about this.

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