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Comment Where are the links? (Score 1) 425

I realize this is slashdot and all that shit, and that it is a requirement for members here to make unqualified blanket generalising comments.

I see some posts here talking about holding their non-Apple phones with a camera bulge and it shows or doesn't show the bulge, and I see one post that talks about seeing the bulge in his iPhone 6, and where he also explains why he has an iphone 6 (http://beta.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=5713131&cid=47921957). There are probably more posts either way, but I couldn't be bothered to look for more.

I went to Apple's site and saw the side view photo on the page about iPhone 6 (it's the 5th photo). And here is a linked to that image, clearly hosted on Apple.com (https://www.apple.com/iphone-6/overview/images/design_details_right_large.jpg). Although it looks like it may be a render, rather than an actual photo.

So, it's the typical Slashdot bullshit - pile on the pseudo-skepticism, and doesn't bother to make any decent effort for fact checking.

Claiming that it's typical for Slashdot to hate Apple is a very standard straw man argument that was probably designed to 1) represent yourself as the voice-of-reason amongst the biased haters, 2) represent yourself as the plucky underdog, fighting against the uneducated masses, 3) rally together the Apple lovers, fighting for a common cause. Either way, it doesn't pan out. There are a lot of commentors on slashdot, plenty of them like Apple just fine, and plenty hate Apple like the plague, and even more just don't give a shit one way or the other. So please just drop that bullshit, I've seen this argument too often both for and against Apple.

You should be ashamed, given that you have such a low UID.

Comment Re: Ion strengthened? (Score 0, Redundant) 207

I tried very hard to understand what you meant by vegetables don't contain genes, the only thing that could remotely make some miniscule sense is that you might be referring to GMO produce. Hence my preliminary conclusion is the same as the other reply to you comment, you don't know anything about genetics. But please feel free to explain further. The entire planetary scientific community would be extremely interested in vegetables that don't contain any genes.

Comment Re:Zeig Heil (Score 5, Funny) 709

I beg to differ!

Perhaps to your untrained eyes, the poster appears to have poor grasp of the English language and suffers from frequent lack of accuracy in spelling, but I am entirely convinced that this Anonymous Coward in fact wields English with such Mastery as to dethrone the Bard at his finest!

Let's examine the two examples that you have brought up:

"Emporer" appears to be an incorrect spelling of the word "Emperor". However, I believe the word in fact derives from "emporium", i.e. the "emporer" would in fact mean the "shopkeeper"! It is obvious that he or she is alluding to the rise of USA through capitalism, and making the claim that the ones of stand highest in the land are corporate CEOs!

"Assinated" also appears to be a poor rendition of the word "assassinated". But the correct interpretation is that it comes from the word "asinine", i.e. to be "assinated" means to be made "extremely foolish or stupid", indeed the fate most feared by despots! And ironically, through your ignorance, you were correct in your guess and that the word "assinated" does in fact mean "to be made an ass clown".

I pray that you will careful study this particularly fine piece of writing again and try to divine the finer meanings!

Comment Re:How to conduct human trials (Score 2) 190

Basic experiment design:

1) start large group of test subjects

2) randomly divide into two groups, one will receive placebo and the other the vaccine candidate

3) [double-blind] but you don't tell test subjects which they are receiving, nor the people administering the vaccines

4) let everybody carrying on as they have before. In a large group, whatever non-standard behaviour will be distributed more or less evenly across the two groups

5) wait a while

6) see which group has fewer cases of infection and whether the differences are statistically significant

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