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Comment Re:Word (Score 1, Informative) 586

If you're writing it (and the language is supported) do it in Vim.

If you've got a clue about programming, it doesn't matter if the language is supported or not. All you need is a text editor. But not vim, not unless you're doing a quick fix of something. I use vim heaps, but not for programming. I use geany for that. Gui text editors are so much more convenient than vim for anything other than editing config files.

Comment Re:Why is that "interesting"? (Score 1) 280

I went through the same evaluation and looked at the fact that i had never even once swapped batteries in any phone I've ever owned.

Yeah, it occurred to me that i'd had my Desire for 2 years and the battery had shown no sign of deterioration and that i had a16GB SD card in the Desire and never filled it up, so the 16GB internal storage in the One X would probably be enough. However, it was a toss up between the One X and the S3 and those two factors pushed me towards the S3.

A few weeks after getting the S3, its mic died and i had to send it off to get fixed. The battery in the Desire died at the same time! If i hadn't been able to change the battery i would have been stuck without a and would have had to buy one. I knew i'd.made the right decision then.

Comment Relatavistic physic (Score 1) 153

Relativistic physics can tell us whatever it likes, but it's quite obvious that time isn't a physical dimension and it's in no way similar to the spatial dimensions. You can move through the spatial dimensions, because all points (x, y, and z) actually exist. But only the present exists in time - everything else either has gone and doesn't exist any more or hasn't come yet and doesn't exist yet. It may all look similar mathematically, but in reality it isn't. And nobody will ever prove otherwise.

Comment Nothing (Score 1) 632

I don't think computers were ever mentioned when i was at secondary school (in Britain) in the early 70s.

My first contact with computers was at tech college in about 77, where i learnt a little bit of (i think) BASIC programming - using paper tape and a teletype, dialling in to the local university's mainframe.

Comment Re:Not (just) the antenna's fault. (Score 1) 91

I guess your interpretation of the word "use" is different to mine. I wouldn't apply it to a passive component in a circuit. I would say the RF amp uses power, the antenna conducts/transmits/dissipates power. Although none of those words quite fit with "power" - but they would fit with "energy".

Comment Re:Not (just) the antenna's fault. (Score 2) 91

Antennas don't use much power to begin with, if any at all.


Antennas don't use any power. The transmitter uses the power (and the receiver to a certain extent) - and the efficiency of the antenna affects how much power the transmitter uses. If the antenna's inefficient, the transmitter must use more power to produce the required effective radiated power - which, of course, drains the battery more. Therefore, an efficient antenna will increase battery life.

Comment Re:Directional antennae... (Score 2) 91

That sounds plausible. My phone operates on 850MHz and, as i understand it, 1/4 wavelength is the best length for an antenna - so an 88mm length of wire should be the go. However, i'd imagine it would work best if it was a dipole. Doing a good soldering job on the connector would be a bit critical at that frequency, of course.

It probably is about time someone started selling add-on antennas for mobiles now, really - not car type ones, but ones you hook onto your phone when it's needed.

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 2, Interesting) 1651

I've been cycling for about 40 years. Iin that time i've come off my bike about 4 times - and never come close to hitting my head. In most parts of Australia it's compulsory to wear a helmet, but i never have.

Wearing a helmet is much more dangerous than not wearing one. No helmets ever have wide brims - for very good reasons. That means, if you wear a helmet, you have a much higher risk of getting skin cancer than you would have of getting a head injury if you didn't. I wear a wide brimmed hat.

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