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Comment Re:Is opening a spouses mail a crime? (Score 1) 496

Why in the world is this modded flamebait? It is actually the first response (that I've read) that is common with my marriage. And the final note of "Different strokes I guess" is fairly indicative of an honest response that was not thrown in with the intent of stoking the fires.

I guess modders were not in the mood to read about a couple in a cohesive yet indiviudal marriage.

Comment Re:Sophisticated credit card fraud (Score 1) 73

You are forgetting another important piece that is missing. High value items that would be desirable for a thief to acquire using the stolen info. Most thieves that would go so far as to collect behavioral patterns would not be interested in using the stolen financial info at the local liquor store or CVS. If they want to try to use it at my local pub, I would be very interested in meeting them and asking why they went through so much trouble for such a minimal reward.

Now, if you happen to steal a card and pattern that involves frequently purchasing and flipping foreclosed houses, it could get more interesting! But I'm fairly certain that would be a rare enough case that it still wouldn't be worth it.

Comment Re:They didn't understand the machinery either. (Score 1) 207

Everybody understands some part of the tools they are using. Whether it is "I type and letters appear on the computer screen" or "the engine won't turn so the battery is dead".

However, all systems have always had some black boxes that are simply accepted. The people that were running water wheel mills...how much did they understand of glaciers waxing and waning impacting their waterway that is being tapped? People that could maintain cars in the 50s and 60s...How much did they understand of why fuel + oxygen + spark = combustion? Or about how pulses of exhaust can hinder engine performance if not handled perfectly? Or how to make rubber for use on tires?

Every one of us exists with black boxes that, even though we may be curious, never get peered into. Sometimes, just being able to use a tool is enough.

Comment Re:Credit should go to Phillip K. Dick (Score 1) 554

Shouldn't we be giving credit to Phillip K. Dick for authoring this story idea instead of Spielberg who, undoubtedly, has enough credits to his name and merely directed this film?

Thank you. Completey agree. If they were JUST referencing Mintority Report, I could see not caring as it might be about special effects, endings completely the opposite from the original story, or Tom Cruise. But since they are actually calling out "Pre Crime" in the title, give the credit where it is due.

Comment Only 65ft? (Score 1) 435

Considering most fire trucks display a warning to stay FIVE HUNDRED FEET back, 65 feet seems pretty close. Think about the number of seats in any sporting venue that are way more than 65 feet away from the action. A fair percentage of seats in a movie theater will be more than 65 feet from the screen.

Really, we're talking 22 yards here. That's pretty close.

0.0123106061 miles.

Comment Re:Fascinating (Score 1) 213

Good question! If only there were some way of partnering this without the need for wires...Perhaps pair it with some device that is generally carried by most members of society that would be able to afford something like this. There might even be some device like that that tracks where the user is via some form of satellite system. Now if only this type of device also had a means of establishing a connection to some sort of vast world wide network!

Comment Re:that's so white of you (Score 1) 44

Only a white guy is going to flip off a cop and think he should should get away with it. The rest of America knows you'll get shot in the back for pulling that shit.

That this was modded Troll is really a shame. It actually really gets to the heart of the matter. Police have created a system of being feared by the same people they are trying to protect. That is exactly what he is protesting. In TFA, he is very specific in explaining that he is protesting the killing of three unarmed people by area police.

For those that haven't RTFA, you should. It is actually a fairly well written and researched piece.

Comment Re:Always more to the legends and stories... (Score 1) 233

Realizing it is late in the response/mod cycle, the above should truly be modded up and not modded funny. Even though I was rolling with laughter, it is a very well put together flaying that both informs and insights. It is a shame that the post calling this gentleman's story horseshit is +5 while the defense against said post is stuck at +3 and has a Funny label attached to it.

Comment Be careful (Score 1) 253

When purchasing my last iPod, the BestBuy salesman wanted to sell me the ext warranty. I declined, and he expressed concern, because "they generally don't last much more than a year". To which I responded by showing him my generation 2 iPod that I had been using for somewhere around half a decade. I explained that it still worked just fine, I just wanted more space.

The point is, be careful with the things that you buy. Don't treat your portable devices like they are indestructable. Don't throw your WiiMote at your TV. Use an air canister on your computer. Change the fluids in your car.

And don't spend money on something you can't afford to lose or replace or repair.

Comment Re:DMCA notice coming (Score 2, Insightful) 275

Most definitely, they should see it coming. I'm not saying they shouldn't be surprised. Everything gets cracked. However, "fault" is a very particular word. Fault attributes "cause of harm". In such a case, the potential cause of harm is not the maker of the nook, but the people that find and implement exploits of their products.

This is why it's irrational for a child to be at blame for abuse. For example: A child in poor circumstance may reliably be beaten when he doesn't do his chores. If one day, he decides to refrain from doing his chores and gets beaten, where does the blame, or fault, lay? With the child-- the victim of the crime? Or with the person who beats the child?

The fault is the the person who beats the child. The child, understanding his circumstance, should not be surprised when he gets beaten, but it's the external actor, the "beater" who is at fault for causing harm to the child.

Comment Re:If you want broadband, live where it's availabl (Score 1) 565

There's plenty of examples of governments that didn't have that frustration. The opposing agendas are typically executed or jailed.

Or a common enemy is defined and both factions team up to build the weapons to destroy the enemy. Yet once that common enemy is defeated or marginalized the weapons are not melted down or turned to ploughshares but are maintained.

See: any law "For the Children", as an example of a weapon(law) which is employed in a noble pursuit, but later twisted into a means of oppression.

Comment bullshit (Score 1) 155

vigilante justice is vigilante justice: no accountability. compromised positions (your brother owns the saloon that was shot up/ it was your head of cattle that was stolen/ etc). petty nepotism. corruption. a posse of yahoos acting as cop, judge, jury, and executioner is not justice

yeah, sure an improperly identified/ untried/ hastily executed cattle rustler may make for a quiet town, but its also an evil town

such that the imperfect but impartial imposition of federal justice is far, far superior. the level of injustice far, far reduced

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