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Comment Re:DMCA notice coming (Score 2, Insightful) 275

Most definitely, they should see it coming. I'm not saying they shouldn't be surprised. Everything gets cracked. However, "fault" is a very particular word. Fault attributes "cause of harm". In such a case, the potential cause of harm is not the maker of the nook, but the people that find and implement exploits of their products.

This is why it's irrational for a child to be at blame for abuse. For example: A child in poor circumstance may reliably be beaten when he doesn't do his chores. If one day, he decides to refrain from doing his chores and gets beaten, where does the blame, or fault, lay? With the child-- the victim of the crime? Or with the person who beats the child?

The fault is the the person who beats the child. The child, understanding his circumstance, should not be surprised when he gets beaten, but it's the external actor, the "beater" who is at fault for causing harm to the child.

Comment Re:If you want broadband, live where it's availabl (Score 1) 565

There's plenty of examples of governments that didn't have that frustration. The opposing agendas are typically executed or jailed.

Or a common enemy is defined and both factions team up to build the weapons to destroy the enemy. Yet once that common enemy is defeated or marginalized the weapons are not melted down or turned to ploughshares but are maintained.

See: any law "For the Children", as an example of a weapon(law) which is employed in a noble pursuit, but later twisted into a means of oppression.

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