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Comment Re:$300 is too much (Score 1) 140

$300 is too much for an e-reader.

Bullshit. Amazon couldn't keep their Kindle v1 and Kindle v2 in stock and those were around $300. When the DX came out, they were SWAMPED with orders. Just because $300 is too expensive for you doesn't mean others can't afford it.

Special-purpose e-readers have to be a lot cheaper than comparable phones and tablets, or they're not going to sell.

Amazon would disagree with you.

Ultimately, the phone/tablet market will probably eat the e-reader market. Look what happened to standalone PDAs.

and yet Amazon still continues to sell Kindle...yet the market is dead, right? *rolls eyes*

Comment What was the state thinking?!? (Score 2) 173

What reasons could the state possibly have had to put a GPS tracker on an employee's personal vehicle? And track the vehicle outside of business hours? This stinks of big brother and privacy intrusions. What an employee does on their own personal time and in their own personal car should be their own personal business. I could be buying hookers and blow every weekend but if I show up on time during the week and do my job, the state should have no say in the matter.

Comment Re:Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 604

How the hell did you get a +5 when you didn't even RTFA?

Every PC vendor has problems. True. Not every PC vendor knows about those problems, still ships the equipment to their customers, then BLAMES THEIR VERY OWN CUSTOMERS FOR THE PROBLEM.

Dell should be hung from the rafters for the crap they pulled.

Submission + - When do call it quits with Linux? 4

glebovitz writes: The world is going to flash. I am running Linux. The two worlds continue to collide. I can bear with the fact that I can't watch TV on Hulu or Movies on Amazon/VOD. But now I discover my favorite airline, JetBlue is using flash in their on line check in process and I can no longer print my boarding passes. For that, I have to borrow my wife's Macbook. I am against running WIndows 7 on my laptop. So what is left? Buy myself a Macbook? Most of my work these days is done in virtual machines, so VirtualBox and a Macbook is sounding better and better all the time. I don't think Adobe will ever get Flash on Linux right. At least I don't think they will never get the 64 bit version working.

Submission + - Game company abandons employees, takes IP. (

snicho99 writes: A US owned gaming company has fled Australia, leaving unpaid employees and a massive tax bill. Apparently many staff have been working unpaid for months to allow their game to ship and hopefully the company to recover. Interzone's Perth (Western Australia) office was created with the assistance of a state government grant.

Last week Interzone's (American) CEO entered the building at night and removed all the servers and IP so that Interzone could continue production at a new company they have opened in Ireland. The staff cought him on camera: .

More background here:


Submission + - Adobe Download Manager Installing Without Consent

adeelarshad82 writes: Not all is worth cheering about as Adobe turns 20. Researcher Aviv Raff has found a problem in ADM (Adobe Download Manager) and the method through which it is delivered from The net effect of the problem is that a user can be tricked into downloading and installing software using ADM without actual consent. Tonight Adobe acknowledged the report and said they were working on the issue with Raff and NOS Microsystems, the company that wrote ADM.

Comment Re:Let your opinion be know. (Score 2, Interesting) 631

Very true. Case in point: CoD: Modern Warfare 2. PC gamers were up in arms about lack of dedicated server support, console port, etc. Talks of boycotts over missing features and the price ($60 v/s $50). What happened when the game was released? Biggest video game debut ever? PC gamers who signed boycotts and joined Steam boycott groups were seen playing the game.

Comment They should be scared (Score 5, Informative) 467

For years, Microsoft has raked in money with Office. It's been THE leading revenue generator for ages with $4.4 billion in 3Q 2009. Office and related business products bring in more money than their Server/OS division. However, that number is trending down to the tune of almost 500 million from the same time last year.

Maybe it's just the recession. Maybe it was the Vista impact. However, the decline is noticeable.

Source: MS Annual Reports and Earnings Releases

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