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Submission + - When do call it quits with Linux? 4

glebovitz writes: The world is going to flash. I am running Linux. The two worlds continue to collide. I can bear with the fact that I can't watch TV on Hulu or Movies on Amazon/VOD. But now I discover my favorite airline, JetBlue is using flash in their on line check in process and I can no longer print my boarding passes. For that, I have to borrow my wife's Macbook. I am against running WIndows 7 on my laptop. So what is left? Buy myself a Macbook? Most of my work these days is done in virtual machines, so VirtualBox and a Macbook is sounding better and better all the time. I don't think Adobe will ever get Flash on Linux right. At least I don't think they will never get the 64 bit version working.
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When do call it quits with Linux?

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  • Seeing as Steve Jobs is ranting against flash, a MacBook is perhaps not the safest choice. He's angry at Flash because it and Java are programs that themselves download and execute "programs". This is taboo for any application in the IPhone AppStore as it reduces control over what's running on the IPhone or reduces the AppStore's ability to judge if the program is well behaved and works. (depending on who you ask ofcourse :-)

    My bet is that Steve Jobs will try to talk down the Adobe stock and then buy the co

    • yes, but my wife's macbook works with flash and my linux system doesn't. Whether or not Steve Jobs "likes" flash, Hulu, Amazon, and more importantly to me, JetBlue are not going to abandon their mac using customers.

      • yes, but my wife's macbook works with flash and my linux system doesn't.

        Care to enlighten us on which Linux distribution you use, and whether you've installed the "non-free" extensions?

        • At various times I am running fedora 12 and ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 and x86. The problem is with the Flash player support in Linux. I have installed the non-free extensions on both platforms. According to Adobe's site, the Linux Flash driver will not support streaming from Amazon. Recent upgrades to HULU broke Linux Flash streaming.

          My issue with Flash on the Jetblue site, is printing doesn't work. I am sure I can figure out a way to debug it, but I don't have the time right now.

          The fact that you suggest that I m

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