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Comment Re:FDC Servers (Score 1) 375

Well that's a pretty good point. My experience has always been a fixed amount of traffic per month, and if you bust your cap then your site gets replaced with a boilerplate 'over limit' page. Related: Telecom NZ advertised an unlimited service and chose to keep the asterisk to themselves, when they tried to apply the hidden asterisk the government stepped in a mentioned some details about fair trading etc and now Telecom NZ are stuck supporting truly unlimited traffic for those fortunate enough to buy the unlimited plan for the brief time during which it was available.

Comment Re:Why are you surprised? (Score 1) 284

I'm sorry, but how is this related to putting kids in front of the TV?

While I don't disagree that one should spend time with one's children and in general TV should be avoided, at some point those little darlings of yours are going to have to learn to play by themselves. Despite what you appear to imagine it is not physically possible to closely supervise one's offspring every minute of the day.

So you were right, and then you went off on some odd tangent. But that's ok - don't feel bad.

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 422

See, this is what happens with analogies. People end up arguing over the analogy instead of the actual issue.

Apple make stuff for the markets they are interested in, and not the others. This is a simple fact. But not I don't think an especially interesting one. The same can be said for pretty much every other company in the world. The only reason the argument comes up when apple is the object of a discussion, is that everyone wants apple gear (because it's so beautifully designed) but not everyone can actually have it. It's either too expensive, or they don't make the product that a particular individual really wants.

Comment Re:Users disagree with him (Score 1) 980

These items are also in the 'view' menu, exactly where one might expect to find them.

And obviously there's something wrong with me, but I don't have a problem with the way they address book looks like an address book (although I have seen these type of interfaces done horribly in the past, certain soft-phones come to mind). You can scroll the list on the left, it behaves elegantly (the letter heading remains in view for instance), and when you click you see the selected item on the right. Seems fine to me.

Comment Re:The reason (Score 1) 421

Except what you seem to be really arguing there is that *less* choice is better. Because if those other 275 simply didn't exist, then there would be a wider pool of talent for you to draw on for your team. But having those 275 out there dilutes that pool, making it harder to find programmers.

Of course most people use java/c/c++/c#/delphi for application development, so the actual choice is only from five.

Comment Re:Pffft. (Score 1) 421

Yeah - but whenever I come across any C code that's moderately well-structured it always ends up re-inventing C++ constructs. Like objects, and constructors and destructors and so-on. Except of course each project does this type of thing in its own way, sometimes using the preprocessor, sometimes not, etc etc. The code generated is exactly the same as if the programmer had chosen C++, but the code is far less readable (and less maintainable) than the C++ version.

And in what sense are inline functions hard to understand? Multiple inheritance is simple. Friend classes should be avoided, like gotos, but sometimes you just wind up needing them (unlike goto's :) ). Templates are functional programming, and are hugely powerful. Why on earth would you want to code without the standard template library? I've written enough linked list classes to last a lifetime, thanks very much.

This irrational fear/hatred of C++ is something that in my 15 years of C++ development I have never understood. When I first saw C (after hobbying in basic as a kid) I was overwhelmed by its power and expressiveness. The same sensation occurred a few years later when I was introduced to C++. Perhaps you should invest some time in learning C++ so that things like inline (which I'm pretty sure exists in C also, BTW) and friends and so-on are no longer so baffling to you.

Comment Re:Having a little experience here (Score 2) 226

Just wanted to point out that there's nothing actually wrong with using HDR techniques to show what those rooms look like - those images actually reflect much better what the experience of being in the room would be like.

It's a long way from modifying the physical shape of a model to present an unrealistic body image that will cause anxiety for many millions of young & impressionable women (and to a lesser extent apparently, men).

Comment Re:Storm... (Score 5, Insightful) 515

Speaking as a person who (like many who others read /.) has lost someone close through cancer, I find the suggestion that drinking '8 cups of water' a day will prevent it highly offensive.

In addition, the notion that '8 cups of water a day' is of therapeutic benefit to any extent is also completely bunk.

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