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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - DEFCON Beta for Linux

Crusader writes: "Introversion has announced the release of a DEFCON beta for Linux on their forums; they're requesting test feedback as well. DEFCON is a global thermonuclear war sim that was released for Windows a few months ago. Introversion has also released both of their previous games (Uplink and Darwinia) for Linux."

Submission + - Does every posting have to be a question?

gregger writes: The growing trend for Slashdot posts appears to be that you must end your headline with a question mark. At least 63 posts in January 2007 have been posed as questions. Now, why is that? Are people afraid of making a statement?

IBM to Open Source Novel Identity Protection Software 40

coondoggie handed us a link to a Network World article reporting that IBM plans to open source the project 'Identity Mixer'. Developed by a Zurich-based research lab for the company, Identity Mixer is a novel approach to protecting user identities online. The project, which is a piece of XML-based software, uses a type of digital certificate to control who has access to identity information in a web browser. IBM is enthusiastic about widespread adoption of this technology, and so plans to open source the project through the Eclipse Open Source Foundation. The company hopes this tactic will see the software's use in commercial, medical, and governmental settings.

Submission + - Thunderbird 2 beta 2 out

BadhriNath writes: "The new thunderbird 2 beta 2 has been released. The existing beta 1 gets automatically upgraded to the new beta release. Some good enhancements include the folder view upon mouse over and a bit more customization of the new mail alerts. But still the alert needs improvement so that the mail can be accessed directly from the alerts. [Or is it that I dont know where to click on the alert ??]. Overall, the upgrade from beta 1 meets expectations with some nice enhancements and bugfixes."

Submission + - ESA. Game Industry in for Big Changes

Anonymous Coward writes: "Few people noticed last month when it was announced that Entertainment Software Association President Doug Lowenstein was leaving the trade organization after twelve years to pursue a new position in the investment industry. Though most gamers won't recognize his name, Lowenstein was fundamental figure in turning what was then known as the Interactive Digital Software Association from an afterthought into the premier game industry advocate it is today, and his departure is bound to make waves. eToychest gives their appraisal of what is needed within the organization to best serve the games industry moving forward, including a possible suggestion for Lowenstein's successor."

Does Sprawl Make Us Fat? 659

Ant writes "A Science News article talks about the relationship between city design and health. New cross-disciplinary research is exploring whether urban sprawl makes us soft, or whether people who don't like to exercise move to the sprawling suburbs, or some combination of both." From the article: "So far, the dozen strong studies that have probed the relationships among the urban environment, people's activity, and obesity have all agreed, says Ewing. 'Sprawling places have heavier people... There is evidence of an association between the built environment and obesity.' ... However, University of Toronto economist Matthew Turner charges that 'a lot of people out there don't like urban sprawl, and those people are trying to hijack the obesity epidemic to further the smart-growth agenda [and] change how cities look.' ... 'We're the only ones that have tried to distinguish between causation and sorting... and we find that it's sorting,' [says Turner]. 'The available facts do not support the conclusion that sprawling neighborhoods cause weight gain.'"

Submission + - 65%Americans Spend More Time With Their PC Than SO

Ant writes: "PR Newswire reports that 65 percent of consumers are spending more time with a computer than with their significant other (SO), according to new independent research commissioned by Conducted by independent research firm Kelton Research, the "Cyber Stress" study confirmed consumers' growing relationship with technology in their everyday lives. In fact, more than 8 out of 10 Americans (84%) say they are more dependent on their home computer now than they were just three years ago. Like any relationship, the test comes not when things are going well but when times are tough. And unfortunately in the case of their computers, things aren't going so well for Americans... Seen on Blue's News. Well, SO is my computer. [grin]"

Submission + - Is Vista Ultimate worth $400?

Deathspawner writes: "It's obvious that no Windows OS is worth $400, but for those who are considering it over another version should read through Techgages comparison with Home Premium. While Home Premium costs $170 less, it contains most of what people would even want from Ultimate. $400 is a lot of money to shell out for a new OS, especially an edition that includes a feature that 95% of people who purchase it will not be able to use."

Submission + - Pixar Before Toy Story

Gammu writes: Pixar, a company that revolutionized the feature film industry, has had a long and largely unknown history. A group of researchers from the most elite research institutions in the US eventually gathered at a former diploma mill and later defected to Lucasfilm. Their division was purchased by Steve Jobs and became Pixar, which created Toy Story and is now owned by Disney.

Submission + - A Kinder, Gentler Installation

Dolores Parker writes: Linspire today announced plans to overcome the complexity of installing software in different Linux distributions with its new "CNR for all" warehouse. Click 'N Run is Linspire's one-click installation program that downloads software, resolves dependencies, and installs and removes applications. While CNR is currently available to users of its commercial distribution, Linspire, and its free cousin, Freespire, the company plans to release an open source plugin that will allow users of both Red Hat and Debian-based distributions to install software uniformly. Read more at

Submission + - Open source drew us to Solaris says Intel

Joris Arjan writes: Open source was behind Intel's decision to add Solaris to its list of supported operating systems. Speaking to reporters in the Asia-Pacific region during a teleconference, Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager of Intel's server products, said the "open-sourcing of Solaris" changed Intel's mind about the OS. Before this, Intel only supported Windows and Linux on its x86 architecture. Skaugen said: "If you look at the 7 million downloads of OpenSolaris in 2005, almost two-thirds of those were primarily for the Intel architecture, while one-third was for UltraSparc."

Submission + - India to overtake United States by 2050: Report

Aryabhata writes: "Goldman Sachs scaled up its estimates about India from its original research paper in October 2003. The new view projects that productivity growth will help India sustain over 8% growth until 2020 and become the second largest economy in the world ahead of the US by 2050. The original report had placed India's GDP as No.3 outstripping Japan's by 2032. The latest report goes a step further to project India in No. 2 position in the global sweepstakes of tomorrow. Goldman Sachs' research arm said in a global research paper released on Monday that India's growth acceleration since 2003 represented a structural increase rather than simply a cyclical upturn. It said productivity growth drove nearly half of overall growth and expected it to continue for some years."

Submission + - Ultra High Speed Wireless About to Take Off

oxide7 writes: "As wireless networking becomes more pervasive, extending to mobile computers, cell-phones and handhelds, one expert believes that the next generation of ultra fast wireless computing technology

Issues that stifled wide-spread adoption of the high-speed 802.11n wireless standard should be in the past, according to The firm sees several catalysts that should accelerate adoption for 2007."

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