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Comment Re:FOSS costs jobs. (Score 1) 85

The only measure of economic prosperity that matters is actual resources (goods and services with real value) produced. FOSS does this.

Measuring economic prosperity by numbers of jobs is the kind of backwards thinking that artificial scarcity encourages.

No doubt your great-grandfather was up in arms about horseless carriages putting horses out of work.

Comment Tricorder not a doctor replacement (Score 1) 167

It was a tool, albeit a very advanced one. They still had doctors in Star Trek, so that should tell you something. I never got the impression that tricorders had any AI capabilities - though maybe it could use the results of a general test to choose some more specific tests to run.

The prize criteria set the bar WAY too high, IMO.

Comment Re:"an online community so well-supported that..." (Score 1) 159

I assume you mean the door in "We Are Not Alone". I got caught by this bug too.

There's several workarounds for it. Here's the one that I used (uses noclip):

I hope there's an official fix for this soon, but I'm not holding my breath. They'll probably finish Episode 3 before they get a patch done. -_-

Comment Re:As for preservation (Score 1) 465

isn't japan only using 100v outlets? i would think that a country with as advanced a public infrastructure as Japan would have adopted the most efficient socket standards to power their electronics.

I have no idea why Japan uses 100V for home wiring, but don't be too sure about Japan adopting the most efficient standards. Almost all the plugs and sockets you find here are ungrounded. Half the country is on 50Hz, and the other half uses 60Hz. I don't think these are deliberate choices. It's just that the opposition to change can sometimes be mind-boggling here - from a foreign perspective.

So even if the US moves away from 110, you can always bring it over to Japan, since I'm sure they'll be using 100 until the end of time.


Submission + - FoxTrot comic jokes about RIAA

MX writes: The last Sunday drawing by Bill Amend, the creator and author of FoxTrot comics, pokes some fun at the RIAA. By teaching his Iguana how to use Bittorrent, he can one-up "Hollywood" because while they would go after "single moms, widows, grandmothers, dead people and children" they would have to insane to sue an Iguana.

The strip mentions bittorrent, hollywood, RIAA (picture), and Metallica. Quite a laugh.

Note the author does not have a link-to policy or any kind of "reuse" policy that I can find on his website. The direct link is gif

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