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Comment Re:oh boy! (Score 1) 154

Oh good, so you're going to come over and get this Audigy sound card installed correctly for me? Because the OS sure can't. All your platitudes to the side, the Linux I have fails miserably at new hardware additions. Miserably. And has been since Linux was developed. But maybe it's me and I'm not worthy. After all, I've only been doing this for 45+ years. I have so much to learn.

Comment oh boy! (Score 0) 154

Oh wow, I just got this great new video card that blows my old one away. I can't wait to plug it in, have the OS find it and load all the correct drivers for it! I am so excited! Wait... what do you mean "What do you think this is, Windows? This is Linux!" Yeah, desktop of the future. Sure. How long have people been saying that? How much has the hardware driver issue been advanced in that time?

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