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Comment Junk patents (Score 1) 28

From what I am reading a massive majority of china's patents ore domestic and hardly any of them have been reviewed or tested. There is a massive amount of corruption within the chinese patent system with patent legal offices openly allowing what is now termed as "junk patents" though that have no innovative value (did someone say corruption). It is only when you look at how many "international patents" china registers that you realise that the 1 million number is all smoke and mirrors (pretty much how I view the whole chinese economy).

Comment Pot Meet Kettle (Score 1) 171

This is a great example of the Pot (Google) calling the Kettle black. Here we have Google funneling billions in on line transactions via tax havens so as to avoid paying taxes. But if Mr Jill/Joe average tries to do the same "OH know, lets go to war with our "paying" customers for doing the same". I'm not surprised google did a U-turn on this decision because pain in the rear customers like me will point out that Google does exactly the same every day (and are now being forced by some countries to pay back taxes).

Comment Goodbye Free Speech (Score 1) 978

and hello safe zones were having to actually think outside of your comfort zone is now disallowed. This is one of the reasons that Trump got into power. People are sick of being told what is right and wrong to discuss thanks to the looney left. You can't even talk about Islam or any other ideology now without being called a racist. You can be a gay, jewish conservative with a black boyfriend (Im talking Milo) and the left will call you an anti gay, sexist, racist anti semite (I shit you not). Guess what happened to Milo's twitter account, yes the left leaning loons now in control of Twitter kicked Milo of twitter for being a anti gay, racist. Seriously how obvious do you want it to be that twitter is now run by the looney left. Well the good news is thanks to the looney left and the lack of open discussion people are now leaving twitter.

Comment Political Elites (Score 1) 352

The political elites don't like it when the sheeple find out how bent and broken the system actually is. If the system was not so bent then the emails would have done any damage but would have highlighted how good it is. But instead the exposed emails show how the elites and the bent corporate financiers are giving each other blow jobs then the next day raping an pillaging your average tax payer.

Comment Re:Rediculous (Score 2) 209

The stupid thing about all this is the computers he is fooling are technically insider trading anyway. Basically the big financial traders computers insert orders based on incoming orders so as to shaft Mr and Mrs Smith who are placing orders via their home PC.Thus they are using information not available to the general public and using that to inside trade your average american tax payer. Basically Navinder saw the scam and realised the scam itself had a hole in the logic and thus he screwed the people screwing everyone else. Now the political puppets don't like it when anyone but their backers screws the public thus they want to throw him in jail so they can keep the scam going.

Comment Re:We welcome them back to get a huge cut (Score 1) 77

Accept there is one small problem, China's legal system isn't a rule of law system but a corrupt rule of man system. Basically there are some general rules in the chinese legal system but they are changed at a whim in court. A rule of law system is that irrespective of the mood of the judge or the politicians the law is the law.

Comment Re:Problem is they're different (Score 1) 106

The law identifies generality and specifics in judgements, torrent indexing sites who's indexing database contain torrent links with a majority of them being illegal would be seen by the courts as criminal. Google on the other hand indexes everything not just torrents and even then Google does attempt to re-direct torrent queries to legal download sites.

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