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Comment Nah there's more than that (Score 1) 186

Anything that is larger than an intranet, that connects intranets is, well, an internet. Not the capital I Internet, but a small i internet. The US government has several, for different levels of classification and different agencies. NIPRnet is their unclassified network and can be argued to be part of the Internet, but in kind of the same way I2 is in that while it connects to it at points it has its own infrastructure. SIPRnet is for stuff classified at Secret and is a separate internet, that you can't get to (or at least hopefully you can't) from the public Internet.

Comment The US isn't after him (Score 1) 187

At least not at this point. It's an empty pledge, which is why he made it. The UK is who wants him. Regardless of the status or validity of the original rape charge, he fled bail (and is still fleeing) in the UK so they have a criminal case against him. Skipping bail is illegal, even if the court later determines the charge that lead to the arrest and subsequent bail is complete BS.

Given that he's been flaunting it for quite some time, they are very likely to pursue it as well.

Comment Re:Suddenly? (Score 1) 478

Like I looked away in 1976 and suddenly it was 2017 and cars were more efficient.

In 1967, I had a Ford 103E that did 27MPG ahref=>. Now I have a Ford Fusion, and it does 27MPG.

Perhaps I should change my name to Rip Van Winkel.

Comment Re:Linux UX makes an easy case for windows. (Score 1) 408

You might have had a point or two in 1990, but the reality is, not only can the world cope with more than one car manufacturer, all of them do fine selling a whole range of different models. I survive the fact that on my Nissan you flick a stick sticking out of the steering, while on my in-laws Fort, you turn a knob on the dashboard, despite the fact that the Ford I used to have, you turned a stick like the Nissan one, but on the other side of the steering. (Hell, that was almost as tough as remembering whether to use the left mouse button or the right one).

One size fits all, eh? On your premise, I am supposed to deliver pallet-loads of food using a Ford Ka?

Apply now for a brain transplant - stock are limited.

Yes I know some CAD software only runs on Windows. That is a very good reason for using other CAD software. Do you think I would willingly walk through waist high stinging nettles wearing shorts, just because you are standing in the swimming pool?

Comment Re:If we all followed this logic (Score 1) 408

Most people that run Linux do so because they cannot afford to spend money on a professionally written OS.

They may think that, but those that know what they are talking about run Linux on their high end servers, because the core is a bloody sight more professionally written than windows. The rest of us run BSD.

Comment Re: This opinion isn't new and is still wrong. (Score 4, Informative) 408

It is not just an issue of "more eyes". If you ignore Canonical, Gnu/Linux is far more stable internally - I specifically say Gnu, because the issue here is userland culture: The Unix/Linux world has enormous motivation to keep reusing the same code over massively diverse hardware as well as application use cases.

The same code gets more thorough testing in the Unix, with more motivation to fix the problems - because people are able to locate and describe problems better.

I know there are still bugs in Linux - hell, I know there are bugs in OpenBSD - but if I report them, they get fixed - sure it can take a year if the impact is only on me. If I phone Microsoft, all I get is a phone bill and a sore ear.

In the BSD world, some of the code really is over 40 years old, and generations of students have tried to hack it - to improve their game scores or college grades. When they succeed, it is fixed.

In Windows, when a new version is released - it probably comes with more new, improved bugs than bug fixes.

Comment And yet there keep being issues with Russia (Score 5, Insightful) 603

I would agree it was just Democrats shouting in the dark... if there didn't keep being problems. See here's the thing: The issue isn't with the e-mail leaks. That's not what is being talked about, it is if any of Trump's associates had illegal ties to the Russians and more importantly if Trump tried to cover it up.

Trump was told that Flynn was likely compromised and he shouldn't hire him. Had he not, well that story would end there. But he did hire him. He then pressured the FBI director to drop the investigation in to Flynn, and only fired Flynn when it leaked that he had this conflict of interest. He then implied the problem, and the reason he fired Flynn, was the leak not the compromise. Then he later fired the FBI director which his people claimed was related to the e-mails but he came out and said was because of the Russia investigation.

Guess what? That shit starts to look a lot like obstruction of justice. That's why this thing continues to have legs.

Oh an impeachment of a president? That's not "corrupt politicians" "overthrow[ing] of an elected President," it is constitutional, and is what is supposed to happen if the president breaks the law. Article one section 1 states that "The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers; and shall have the sole power of impeachment." Article two section four states "The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

So ya, if it turns out he obstructed justice, which you'd need an investigation to determine (and that is what is going on), accepted bribes, or other illegal acts then the House would be within its constitutional power to impeach him and the Senate to try him. That's not some covert scheme to subvert the Constitution, it is written right in the original text.

Comment Re:What is your solution? (Score 1) 194

Yes. Ban the Diesel cars, and burn stuff in generating plants which makes even more pollution to power electric cars.

It may kill more people, but its politically correct.

Or you could just bring back the (now banned in many places) old diesels that did not make any NOx at all, and put filters on the exhausts to remove the particulates. No, that is NOT politically correct, and won't line the pockets of the AdBlue people.

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