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Comment That's great... for the USA (Score 2) 64

But the rest of the world and considering illegal frequencies being used around the US will make this problem harder than one thinks.

So you come up with a great solution for 900Mhz, problem is you can't use it in the EU or Asia. Or how about 433? nope, more conflicts outside the US.

Then there's the 1W vs 25mW (rest of the world) requirement....

Not only is this a tech and regulation problem, it's a frequency management and standards nightmare.

At least you can drive a DARPA challenge car or a biped robot in pretty much any country without conflicting tech (but conflicting regs).

Comment Classic Supply/Demand (Score 2) 566

You only change based on the need.

a. HDMI to micro: the need was super slim laptop output, try finding a 1" thick laptop nowadays
b. USB to micro USB: the need was super slim smart phones, try finding a 0.4" thick smartphone nowadays.
c. Ethernet: there are plenty of 1U+ blades, desktop computers, and industrial stuff (Ethercat) that are fine using RJ45. There is no need.
d. RPi could use a smaller ethernet connector but:
            a few 100K pi's vs a million blade servers.... spanning models from 2000 to 2016 (not everyone is Google, Facebook, or Amazon that can replace their 2015 servers asap).
            Designs like the RPi should goto a connect that makes sense. If the users want less size, then listen to them (add the RJ.5).
            RPi really gets is chops via WiFi anyway.

Comment The paper if you thought TLDR; (Score 1) 27

Basically if you use XBees, which are common in pro setups....

a. use API mode
b. use digi's built in encryption (AES)
c. Message authentication (key ids, crcs, etc...)

You can do all the other things he suggested, but this will stop 98% of the attacks out there. I'm surprised why he says Digi's onboard encryption was too slow. We do the above on all our drones (albeit a custom GCS) and do additional data link (Mesh ID based) and application layer things for added security, and still see 2ms lag from AES when turned on. Then again our packets are not too big. Done 30Hz control off this setup (50Hz like an R/C controller is a push)....

The problem is most F/OSS and vendor systems used XBees out of the box in transparent mode cause it's easy to setup and you can debug the serial line, or with packages like QGC with look at ascii or incomplete wire protocols that can be easily reversed engineered. Problem is... there's a reason they call it transparent mode--it's just a global serial buffer....

Comment Re:What's he on, today? (Score 1) 364

Basically Apple admits they can do something. That's huge.

And the logical vector to break the encryption by design is likely not the only solution. Heck I've had certain dealings with Apple on security tech on very important services and the security was simply [XXXX] and and NDA.

Most common physical security? A lock. The tech concept is pretty simple, works well in mass scale though complex (i.e. Schlage lock for example)... but crackable. Just maybe not by brute force math.

Comment Navigation to non-technical folks (Score 1) 622

Navigation is path planning and positioning.

GPS is the positioning.

Directions is the path planning.

Of the 2 cases mentioned in the article, they are path planning issues, the driver ignoring where's he is at and just following directions.

The problem is not GPS, but the path software.

Then again GPS in the EU better be using the EU system (Galileo) and not the US system--I'm sure there's an problem in that context since one case was in high lats (bad for GPS) or near the Russian/EU zone.

Comment Re: Why (Score 1) 276

Look at the drone industry. This is a bigger industry for autonomous drones (essentially these are ground drones), DOT sees the challenges via the FAA issues and the politician see $$$ and benefit to themselves as well when it comes to cars.

Also don't be surprise if Obama's next job has something to do with big auto or tech.

Comment Confirms my thoughts on the real agenda (Score 0) 37

That driverless cars are really for selling infotainment, the associate hardware, and... more content. Aside from all the personal data that can be collected and mined for ads and selling you more stuff. The more your face is looking at a screen, the more you buy stuff--content is king. And more the stuff bought means ++ for all those manufacturing companies in the east--really, they are only making money from volume of something (like smartphones).

Traffic, efficiency, safety are backseat items in this driverless race. It's all about you to buy something and track your activities in a car.

Comment the jig is up (Score 1) 279

a. all the hype of new languages, frameworks, and platforms will be debunted as fast as the blitz/viral marketing efforts that we see today.
b. the "myster" of coding will be old-hat from a nomenclature stand point. Everyone will recognize (not necessarily understand) FIFO queue, certs, etc..., even understand what a buffer overflow means. It will not effect careers & salaries in s/w, but will call out overrated tasks.
c. As much as Silicon Valley wants coders to be rock stars (e.g. as in Silicon Valley), s/w will become like the 70's again--pretty normal activities of technical work. Silicon Valley will need to fine a new hype topic--but they're good at it....
d. And we won't have smartphones.

Comment Re:Too much hype about driverless cars (Score 1) 211

more catastrophic breed of accident will appear

Yes, in the current condition autonomous cars will make it safer to drive and be more efficient... short term after the hype is over and the real autonomous cars come out. But the players in the industry will sell new hype and the system will get push to its limits. That's when accidents will occur... much like moving to drive-by-wire tech (e.g. unintended acceleration).

Having worked with the technology--I see the new breed of accident will not be car-car, but car to environment (whether it's pedestrians or more likely infrastructure/bridges).

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