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Comment Re:Flawed study (Score 2) 136

It's an observational study. MOST observational study conclusions end up failing to be reproduced in prospective studies - for reasons you point out.

The end point was 30 day mortality. Readmit rates were unchanged. The latter is typically a better discriminator for 'bad care' - if the patient has to come back to the hospital in a month for the same reason, you can argue that you should have done something different (doesn't always work, but it seems to be a valid generality).

30 day mortality suggests (but does not prove) that a strong possibility is that older doctors where less likely to be aggressive. That can be appropriate or inappropriate care depending on the patient and condition.

All in all, this is *very* preliminary (as the authors duly point out). Unfortunately, it seems to be on the road to the the Medical News de jour and will be plastered about the Internet as the unvarnished truth.


Comment Re:Someone check what he's invested in (Score 2) 1050

There is a big difference between $3000 (moderate DSLR) and $30000 (base electric vehicle). Your analogy also falls a bit flat in that there are lots of other bits of the transportation infracstructure that work off of petroleum rather than electrons. In eight years your aren't going to see electric based container ships, 18 wheelers and aircraft.

Will electric make deep inroads into consumer driving? Sure. Eventually. Will automated driving replace meatbags? Probably. Eventually.

Not in a decade. Maybe 20 or 30 years but not in a decade.

Comment Re:Hopefully they'll allow more RAM (Score 2) 234

Anything from 2013 to 2015 can be upgraded to 16 GB - not the ultimate of 32 or 64 but it IS a laptop.

16 GB in my 2015 MBP is fine. 8 is really limiting the machine. YMMV.

But come on, a minimal processor refresh is not particularly exciting nor unexpected. Maybe some ports this time. Or at least a custom sleeve with dongle pockets.

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