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Comment Re:Features removed, Fing neutered (Score 1) 139

Go find an old iPhone (you can find the 4S for $20), leave Fing and the other edge case programs on it and use as needed. OF COURSE there are going be winners and losers with significant structural changes. But the vast majority of the Apple universe would thing that Fing was some marginally obscene gesture that their kids picked up from junior high.

Comment Re:Not rocket tests - landing tests (Score 2) 61

One interesting omission is the pad refueling incident with the earth shattering kaboom. Now, it wasn't supposed to even make a spark at that point but it was a failure.

But you have to give SpaceX some credit. I've not seen an official NASA, Russian or NK 'blooper' reel done in house. Somebody has a sense of humor and proportion.

Comment Re:One active season and now everything is differe (Score 1) 442

It's not just the houses. It is power / water / sewer / police / fire and now, likely Internet service as one of the core components of civilization. (Boy does that hurt to say.) It is flood control systems. Rebuilding hospitals and nursing homes.

Yes, you COULD make an area flood proof. But it's going to cost a lot more than 20%.

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