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Comment Re:Fox News headline version (Score 0, Troll) 171

Ah, yes. The assassination attempt of Gabby Gifford, originating from Sarah Palin's crosshairs attack ad and recently mirrored by that orange bag of hate and bile in a 'winkwink nudgenudge" call for gun owners to kill Clinton, was just an uninterested dismissal of the congresswoman.

Cheeto Jesus is a very apt name. He's completely manufactured, 95% air with no real substance, has to be dressed up tremendously to look appealing, is only popular because of a massive marketing effort, and is bad for your health.

Comment Re:Hmph... (Score 3, Informative) 51

Isn't Samsung, a large multinational corporation with a huge quality control budget and a brand to protect, recalling their flagship phone because it's bursting into flames during charging?
Tell us again how there is no actual danger from cheap, unregulated devices from sending a very narrow safe range of wattage through people's brains?

Comment Re:Matter of Time (Score 1) 66

I got a telemarketer calling me and a dozen other people at my work trying to convince us to purchase what he called a dropbox integrator for citrix.
Then half an hour later I saw this story. I just wish I had seen this first so instead of politely telling him to go away I could have just laughed until he hung up.

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