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Comment Re:Six-sigma! (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Make it Six Sigma

That would eliminate many false positives, as well as eliminating nearly all true positives. Of course, this will do nothing to reduce flawed studies caused by reasons other than statistics, such as non-representative sampling (e.g.: most mouse studies use only male mice), poor experiment design, shoddy data gathering, sponsorship bias, and outright fraud.

But, the cost of clinical studies would only increase by an order of magnitude, so what do we have to lose?

Comment Re: All that predictor technology... (Score 3, Insightful) 118

They genuinely represent university inventors

That doesn't make them "not a troll". All trolls represent "inventors" in some way. But very very few of these inventions are "stolen". What generally happens is someone (Apple in this case) comes up with an idea independently, implements it in a real product, and is then sued by the troll for "stealing" the idea. Almost anything you can imagine is already patented. It is very rare for a company designing a new product to search the patent database for ideas to license, and equally rare for inventors to go out and market their inventions to established companies. The "inventors" are adding nothing of value to the process. They are just parasites. That doesn't change just because they work at a university.

Comment Re:Next time, try peaceful protests (Score 4, Insightful) 440

Are you saying violence is an acceptable form of protest?

Sometimes. It depends on your adversaries and what you are protesting against. MLK was non-violent, but he was successful in large part because others were not, and it was clear that the alternative to dealing with MLK was going to be a lot worse.

But the violence at Donald's inauguration was stupid and counterproductive. Conservatives already view liberals as entitled elitists who refuse to play by the rules. In the eyes of the right, this rioting confirmed all the worst stereotypes of the left. This is not the way to win people over.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 3, Insightful) 231

The difference between today and 30/40 years ago is that companies are no longer loyal to employees.

Average job tenure has gone UP over the last 30 years. Your belief in the "Good ole' days" of loyal companies and grateful employees is false nostalgia. The Golden Age of lifetime employment is a myth. It didn't happen.

Comment Re:Truth (Score 1, Informative) 231

Indeed. Churn is good. Job hopping employees bring good ideas and new perspectives. Unhappy employees can quit and go where they have more value. Jurisdictions like California that have laws to encourage job mobility tend to have higher productivity and higher incomes.

Nitpick: According to your NPR link, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in NJ. He did not. Gas filament light bulbs existed before Edison was born. I think they were referring to the electric incandescent light bulb ... but Thomas Edison didn't invent that either.

Comment Re:Cue the outrage! (Score 2, Insightful) 503

Why are people acting like there was a trans brigade charging the shores of Normandy?

Wartime is when the military STOPS banning LGBTs. During WW2, it was very difficult to avoid the draft, and plenty of LGBTs were inducted, and plenty of them landed on the Normandy beaches. It is only in peacetime that the military uses the excuse that LGBTs can't serve "because we need to win wars", but not when there is actually a war to be won.

Comment Re: Short-sighted view (Score 1) 403

My bad but there still is a rather large deficit.

American production covers about half of consumption. But much of the remainder comes from Canada and Mexico. Very little comes from the Middle East.

America was on track to increase production to the level of consumption, but the dramatic fall in prices put many frackers out of business. There is plenty of idle capacity, and if prices go back up, we can have a lot of active wells in six months or less. American frackers have become the world's swing producers.

But there will always be some imports, because oil is not fungible. Sweet crude is great for gasoline, but Venezuelan heavy crude is much cheaper and good enough for asphalt, heating oil, and bunker fuel.

Comment Re: Short-sighted view (Score 3, Informative) 403

The link is from the EIA. Dispute the numbers with them.

You are reading the chart wrong. It is barrels per day, not week, so the production is seven times what you said. The chart is confusing because it also says "per week", but that is because the figures for daily production are updated once a week.

Comment Re: Good (Score 5, Interesting) 373

are you saying they don't speak much Mandarin and don't share culture with the rest of China?

Exactly. It is based on culture and ethnicity, and NOT on religion. If you promote separatism, you are going to get hammered, whether you are a muslim Uyghur or a buddhist Tibetan, and the punishment is going to be applied collectively.

China is not "anti-muslim". There are 50 million muslims in China. There are mosques in every major city. Most of these muslims dress, speak, and act just like other Chinese, and consider themselves Chinese. Xinjiang is a much more recent addition to China, and was originally conquered by the Qing (Manchus), not Han Chinese. Xinjiang continued to resist, broke away many times, and was independent as recently as 1949. Many Uyghurs feel more kinship with the people across the border in Kazakhstan that with the rest of China.

Not that that makes much of an argument in favor of Beijing's actions, though.

This policy is not coming from the central government in Beijing. This is an initiative of the Xinjiang provincial government.

Comment Re: Good (Score 5, Informative) 373

Islam is not a race.

Look, this policy is NOT being applied to muslims, it is being applied to Uyghurs REGARDLESS OF THEIR RELIGION. 80% of muslims in China are NOT Uyghurs, and these policies DO NOT apply to them. The largest majority muslim ethnicity in China are the Hui, who are well assimilated into Chinese society, mostly speak Mandarin, and often you wouldn't even know they are muslim until you see them skipping the pork dumplings at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

This policy is based on ethnicity.

It is NOT based on religion.

If you need this to be repeated a few more times, just ask.

Comment Re:Sample bias (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Why would someone donate their brain if they didn't think they had damage?

Why not? Why do you need to keep your brain if you're dead?

I am an organ donor, and they are welcome to use any parts they can for anything useful. It may help someone, and it is less that my family has to pay to cremate.

Disclaimer: I don't play or watch football.

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