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Comment Re:I have Prime and the selection sucks (Score 1) 116

I agree - although Netflix is worse.

Amazon isn't terrible for stumbling over something you might want to watch. They really, really need to make a way to only show free stuff though (even just a "row" of free stuff would be a good start. They also need the 'profile' feature of Netflix so my kids can look at something age-appropriate (and can't see stuff I'm not going to pay for).

Comment Re:Open source not view source (Score 1) 305

I read the jist of what he's saying not so much as "we should be able to view source" but "we need a way for newbies to get online". To some extent I agree with him - the webdev I've ever done has been so unintuitive and tedious I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to be a webdev.

To elaborate, I find HTML pretty straight forward. It's pretty clear what you're supposed to be doing. However, once you start needing CSS, then things get considerably less intuitive. CSS means that the ordering in HTML is somewhat irrelevant, although in some cases, even though the CSS is re-ordering things on the screen, the HTML ordering is still important. That's confusing. Then browser differences make the whole thing really, really annoying because you get it all working in your favourite browser and try it in another and it looks hideous, or worse, it looks fine, but a banner or heading is sized differently and so it looks weird. Worse still is you try it in the same browser on a different OS and it looks different in another way. Getting anything to look right in all cases is (it seems to me) a hard problem.

Once you've got all that straight, then try adding in some Javascript. It's not a great language to get started in, and it too has so many weird foibles that "real" programming languages don't. Testing it works is hard too because of browser differences, screen differences etc. You can't really even have unit tests on non-UI-affecting stuff. If you want to do anything more formal, with proper testing regimes and so on, then you're into a really complex development process with some pretty exotic tools.

So... after all that... yeah, a simpler 'web' would be no bad thing. Getting there would be near impossible though - making a replacement for CSS and Javascript sounds like a noble endeavour, but the world has too much investment in them to want to switch any time soon.

Comment Re:A double-sided problem... (Score 1) 413

I'm hanging out waiting for augmented reality - I want a way to sit back in my chair and be able to look at the worlds biggest monitor, which has decent resolution and can have all my (current) windows side-by-side with room to spare. When I look down I want to see my actual keyboard and mouse and I want to be able to see my hands so I can co-ordinate them onto the keys properly. Then I'll get to work. If my wife walks in, I can just turn around and see her, and hopefully not look like a complete twat with some stupid contraption stuck to my face. Extra bonus points if it can make it look like my wife is naked every time I look at her, but that may get a bit confusing if the kids or neighbours are around. When I look out of the window I want my eyes to relax so they can see long distance, although I guess I'd accept it brightening up the weather sometimes, that might be nice.

VR though? no thanks, the world is mostly a nice enough place to be most of the time.

Comment Re:So? (Score 2) 115

Just think of the poor, hand-to-mouth, hard working middle men such as record companies and their industry representatives (RIAA, BPI, etc). How are they gonna afford five-star food and lodgings and to pay off governments unless Spotify burns to the ground in a mountain of debt?

Not helping the entitled is really about the worst thing anyone can do, and $deity knows it. I strongly recommend you start only 'consuming' music from approved providers. Choice is not a virtue.

Comment Re:What is evil is Google doing against Yelp? (Score 1) 42

Therein lies the potential merit here...

If Google paid to get Yelp content on Google Search results, then there's clearly some value in that content. If Google use that to promote their own reviews service, and eventually end up with enough content of their own that they don't need Yelp, then they have two options (in the eyes of anti-monopoly regulators):

1) Show their own reviews, but also, and in approximately equal measure, promote other companies reviews (and seeing as Yelp leads the market in that area, that means showing a lot of Yelp on search results)
2) Go to court and duke it out there

Turn this around to your own view point: Lets say you've got a blog all about fishing. I happen to run the biggest fishing related website on the Internet. I come to you and ask to put your content on my site in certain situations (to fill in some gaps in my own content) - and you agree. However, when placing your content on my site, I advertise to my users that they could write up stuff like this on my website's knowledgebase wiki (and earn points which could win prizes).

A couple of years go by and my wiki is looking pretty awesome. I've got nearly all the same information on it as you've got on your blog, so I terminate our agreement. Suddenly, you don't get income from me, and don't get anywhere near the levels of traffic you used to, so get less advertising income too. Wouldn't you look to try to get some sort of redress against me for my somewhat underhanded business practices?

Turn this out a third way (maybe a bit more tenuous, but here goes)... Let's say your favourite political party is blue. Would the world be a better place if blue took over the entire country and apart from maybe a couple of seats, entirely wiped out the red, yellow and green parties? Would it really be better in a few years time?

Comment Re:Fascinating (Score 2) 94

Let me try to help...

Kanye West is Tidal, on account of it's proximity to the Pacific ocean. Kanye East is in-land, although has a lake along one edge of it, so looks 'watery' but is not Tidal.

"jayzed" (or "jayzee", depending on which side of the Atlantic you happen to be on) is just a way of saying it's not the letters from A-I. As you know, AI is nearly magic, but clever people like Stephen Hawking have been warning of it's potential downsides.

Rusty Trombone is a guy from New York, originally called Rusty Patterson, but changed his name on account of being a reasonably talented jazz musician (go look him up - he's on most of the music streaming sites).

WTF is a government facility used by the EPA - it's a Water Testing Facility.

I hope that clears things up for you.

Comment Re:They called my mother... (Score 1) 185

This was mostly run by the City of London Police. This is a police force that has responsibility for about 1 square mile of London. That area has almost no residents, so it's primarily paid for by businesses.

The City Police are a bit short of work to do, and a bit over-financed (is my belief). They 'crusade' against copyright infringement and now about scam phone calls. In theory this is no bad thing - after all, some scammers are off to jail. However, we have another organisation called the National Crime Agency who *should* be doing this sort of work (or at the very least should be leading it). After all, it's a national/international problem, and it doesn't originate in, or really affect the City of London (square mile) very much (arguably less than most other areas of the UK). The problem is that the City of London police have no oversight from ordinary people, and so to some extent are free to do as they please.

As I've said before, I think the City of London should probably be abolished in its current form, and the City of London police should almost definitely be folded into the Metropolitan Police (who look after the rest of Greater London). Whatever the City of London Police is doing like this should be done by the NCA, and wherever this funding surplus is coming from either needs to be refunded or the money given to the Metropolitan police instead.

Comment Re:Illogical assumptions (Score 2) 494

Well, bully for you with your own natural gas supply. Ours partly comes from Russia - it's not too hard to imagine the price or scarcity of that supply going up in the near future.

Going off grid only makes sense if it's cheaper than the grid. The grid really ought to be able to do a better job of it than any of us can, especially if the whole customer base used (say) 50% less than they do now. At the moment, home carbon/pollution costs aren't really counted by anyone - if they were, then your generator looks a lot less appealing, especially as pound-for-pound it runs far dirtier than a gas power station can/should.

As for the argument that only the rich will go off grid - probably true. Either you have to buy/rent the renewables to do it yourself, or you pay the electricity company to do it for you. That doesn't seem like it's penalising the poor too much, although it could turn into that if 90% of the population was off grid. The only way that could really make sense is if the market was skewed sufficiently though.

Comment Re:a fool and his money are soon parted... (Score 1) 105

Actually, having a mundane job teaching people something means that the real estate or stock market are not your primary income (even though it may be 2x what you get from teaching). Depending on your tax laws, that can mean that all your real estate income is considered 'capital gains', and taxed as such. If you stop teaching, then it's capital gains and income, which can mean you end up paying more tax. In some jurisdictions having 100% of your income from capital sources can be enough to suspect criminal behaviour (because the state just can't understand how someone doesn't have a 9-5 job that pays a regular salary).

Comment Re:Streisand effect... (Score 2) 145

Oh no, us international folks already knew lots of rich americans live in disgusting houses. There are plenty of articles about them already, it's just that they say "look at this amazing place" where this guy said "house boner" and whatnot.

I just googled "top ten most expensive houses in la" and found this right at the top of the results:

Sadly, no arrows and slagging off, but you can still marvel at just how gaudy the rich seem to like their houses.

Comment Not on /. (Score 1) 214

Anti-apple product bashing such as this just simply won't work here on /. The formula to stick to is to link to an article that praises the worst piece of apple-crap ever as the most awe-inspiring and amazing gadget ever created. Then let the comments slag it off.

Oh, and we like an actual article to ignore, not just a mobile twitter link.

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