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Comment Re:Disney and protecting the Mouse (Score 1) 275

The other thing of note is that Steamboat Willie and indeed Mickey Mouse are complete shit - did anyone ever watch these as a kid? When I was a kid, there wasn't that much "media" around to "consume", and even still this utter shit didn't make it to air.

I seriously doubt anyone will ever make any more money out of Steamboat Willie - ever (not even Disney). Digitally remastered Bluray? You've gotta be kidding. Even a Youtube of it would only get views in the first couple of months as people wondered what all the bunfight's been about for all these years.

As for Mickey - as you say he's trademarked, so that's a different ball game entirely. They can continue to use those ears and whatnot exclusively without any new laws to help them.

Comment Re:Others already taken? (Score 1) 81

How about googzon? Youzon?


"good day kind sir, may I enquire what you are doing?"
"I say, I'm not sure I understand. You have your 'what' on?"

What's with the 'tube' obsession? I mean, if you're going to compete, then compete - don't try and pass it off as similar because it's got a similar name. Being better than youtube is only as hard as getting users to post cat videos. It's not hard to do better that their terrible UX.

Comment This is the reason... (Score 1) 68

This is the reason I haven't bought a single bluray yet. Once it's as broken as DVDs are, then I'm in - otherwise not so much. If I can't rip it to my Nas, then I can't watch it - I have no intention of running off to the garage to put a different bit of bit of plastic in the player each time I want to watch a film. This isn't the 1990s any more.

In my case at least, DRM didn't stop 'piracy' because I wasn't swashbuckling on the high seas to start with. It did stop consumption though.

Comment Re:Not just bugs (Score 1) 242

Hidden features are probably the worst design mistake. I understand the aim of keeping the clutter out of the way, and so (for example) there's no need to have "move to trash" and "delete immediately" on the same right-click menu. The "delete immediately" only appears on the top-of-screen file menu if you press the right keyboard button - that (to me, at least) is a mistake.

Likewise, moving and copying files with the file manager ('finder') is pretty much core-capability. Only allowing copy without some secret knowledge is crazy (especially as the filesystem doesn't de-dupe). When I first got my mac, I honestly wanted to find a different 'file manager' because I assumed Finder was just a flawed piece of crap. Surely, I should find my mac super cool and exciting when first using it - only when I've really settled in should I find anything that I'd rather was different.

So yeah, with all their millions in the bank, spending a few K on some honest, independent and nothing-off-limits UI review would seem to be useful. Oh, and I don't mean reviewing the new set of emojis.

Comment Re:Impressionable people watching bad SciFi? (Score 1) 242

Whilst aerodynamics aren't really a concern, an elongated shape may still prove beneficial when navigating dust, debris or indeed anything else - when travelling at 130,000 miles/hour.

Our engineering suggests the elongated shape may also be 'natural' in some cases, in so much as you may want your living spaces as far away from your engines as you can get them - that naturally stretches out your ship design.

So yes, most of these sentiments are probably from watching sci-fi, but some aspects of it aren't necessarily as fictitious as the name may suggest.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 192

This is for the UK - some UK prisons are right in the middle of towns or residential areas. That makes singrays a considerable problem, since the likelihood is that you'll pick up passers by, local residents or whomever else.

I am wondering why they can't have more RF shielding though (although I'd imagine it's hard to put in, some of the prisons we've got were built by the Victorians). Unless that shielding is covered over by a decent brick/concrete wall, the chances are the bored inmates will find a way through it.

I'm sure there must be a 'mobile phone detector' that prisons could use. They'd get false positives for phones outside the walls, but they'd presumably be able to find them inside when they were being used. I guess though, it's possible that a call or text to a known accomplice to say "it's done" is so short that by then the phone's been passed to three other people and is busy getting buried behind a loose brick in the wall in another wing.

As for searches, much the same is true in UK prisons too - but the point is that these phones are now so small that you can shove it up your back side. A finger up there won't find it, and neither will a metal detector. An x-ray or ultrasound probably would, but having to do one of those on every inmate once a week or once a month is a bit tiresome.

Comment Re:I feel like I'm getting old. (Score 1) 209

That's incredible - somewhere in that program there's some code, that someone spent time writing, that specifically prevents the window moving until some other part of the program says it's okay. Methinks someone spent some time on some redundant code there :-(

I'm reminded of a UI story several years ago which headlined something like "Don't grey out menu items". The thinking there was similar - stop taking the time to write code to selectively enable and disable certain menu items. Instead, just design the thing to work right all of the time.

I'm still wondering what thinking lead to "let's stop the window moving until they've started playing something". I'd love to hear the justification - it's sort of like the answer to a riddle that you just can't figure out.

Comment Re:FB stalking (Score 1) 119

As you note, it essentially provides the features your phone should provide by default, but the operators are too slow to adapt, and so haven't got around to it yet.

However, to use Whatsapp, you have to let it have access to all your contacts. Therefore, Whatsapp (and Facebook) know the phone numbers of all the people you have in your phone. Since Facebook also asks for your phone number, they can tie your contacts to real humans pretty easily. Even without that, they can still infer much the same information by watching who you talk to, and who they talk to, etc etc.

The other thing to note about Whatsapp is that if you have it installed it of course reads your contacts whenever it wants, so any new contacts you add also get sent to the FB surveillance supercomputer. Thus, not only does facebook know who you meet, but when - even though you didn't ever log onto facebook (or even use whatsapp to talk to people).

All this stuff is pretty scary sounding (to me), but the likes of my wife don't see any sort of problem with it. I've gradually been trying to get over to Telegram for IM purposes, but I've literally got 3 contacts on there (although my doorbell is also Telegram connected). I use Signal as an SMS replacement, but have yet to be friends with anyone else who uses it.

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