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Comment Tabs for offline reading (Score 1) 198

If the browser is running short on memory, then why not just discard a few tabs until they're selected again? There's absolutely nothing stopping the browser from doing that.

Say a user navigates to an HTML document on his laptop, closes the lid, boards a city bus in a city whose buses do not provide Wi-Fi, opens the lid, and switches to the document's tab. If the browser has discarded the document for later reloading, the browser will attempt to reload the document, fail because there is no Internet connection, and show "You are offline" instead of the document. This defeats the purpose of having loaded the document in a tab in the first place. And browsers on tablets have an annoying habit of doing this often.

Comment Replacing a PlayStation with a personal computer (Score 1) 144

I agree with you that a device marketed as a Personal Computer ought to allow the Person who owns it to control what Computing is done, and the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are explicitly not Personal Computers by that measure. Someone who owns one of those but desires features available only in a Personal Computer needs to replace it with a Personal Computer.

Now say someone realizes the implication of this and seeks to replace a PlayStation Vita with a comparable handheld Personal Computer: one with a screen, directional pad/stick, and action buttons. Any recommendations?

Comment All of the above (Score 1) 93

There is no such thing as IP law.

The liability limitation part of the Communications Decency Act, codified as 47 USC 230, states in part: "Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit or expand any law pertaining to intellectual property." Interestingly enough, it defines "Internet" but not "intellectual property", which I assume it leaves up to the federal court system to define.

There are copyright, patents and trademark laws. Which is it?

All of the above. From the featured article: "Now, Rearden is now bringing patent, copyright and trademark claims against Disney."

Comment Re: So.... (Score 1) 144

You didn't buy a computing device, you bought a game console.

I'm aware that the article is about the PlayStation 4, not the PlayStation Vita. But answer me this: Based on how you define "computing device", what computing device in a form factor similar to that of Sony's PlayStation Vita, including physical inputs for applications with the tactile response that a touch screen lacks, is widely available in Slashdot's home country?

Comment Windows 10 S (Score 1) 144

Having a publicly available SDK doesn't mean the 'platform is hacked'. If that was true, Linux, Windows and MacOS (and iOS) would all be 'hacked' completely. (All these operating systems even have their SDKs available for free, if not downright included in the base OS install!

The Windows 10 S SDK does not run on Windows 10 S. It requires Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

(And there are rumors that Microsoft may discontinue Home in favor of S.)

Comment Re:If the PS4 gets truly hacked (Score 1) 144

I concede that both Steam and PlayStation Store are digital restrictions management. But unlike PlayStation Store, Steam doesn't lock you out of modding games that are built for modding. Nor does it lock you out of running games from other DRM providers (such as Origin) or from DRM-free sources (such as Itch and GOG).

Comment MPAA studios share parent company with TV news (Score 1) 144

The only thing that makes it non-controversial is the fact that a) most people don't understand the stakes yet, b) corporations would rather people not know just how much power they've got over this until it's too late for the citizens to do anything about it, and c) the fact that both parties are thoroughly bought and paid for on this topic.

And related to b) is d) the tendency of citizens of Slashdot's home country to get their news from channels that share a parent company with a member of the Motion Picture Association of America. 21CF owns 20th Century Fox and Fox News. National Amusements owns Paramount and CBS News. Disney owns Walt Disney Pictures and ABC News. Time Warner owns Warner Bros. Pictures and CNN. I shouldn't have to explain NBCUniversal.

It turns out Sony is the only MPAA studio parent not to own a U.S. TV news outlet.

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