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Comment Not Sure If This Will Help Netflix (Score 1) 64

On the surface, this could be good: writers not having to worry about eating and paying rent can concentrate on better writing. But then again, maybe not. For example, I don't think it will help Netflix as they don't seem to hire very good writers very often, and/or don't buy very good shows. Netflix is rapidly falling into the same level of quality as channels that show nothing but shitty 'reality tv'. Worst shows out there, with some rare exceptions, which I'll admit are very good (Stranger Things, Narcos, etc.). But by and large Netflix shows are rapidly going down the toilet. Amazon on the other hand, has quite a few very high quality shows. Not as many as Netflix, but maybe Netflix should follow that model: make fewer, but make them higher quality. And release them consistently.

Comment Cyanogen Mod Folding Isn't Surprising (Score 1) 145

A group whose business plan was, "don't bother us, if one of us feels like supporting a device we will, and if we decide to stop supporting it at a whim, we will... and did we mention? Don't bother us to ask us to support anything, we will if we feel like it." Unfortunately the reason many open source products suck. And I LIKE Linux. But only groups that understand that the software isn't the reason for the business, the people who use the software and their business requirements are. Redhat, Canonical (and derivatives), Suse, Open/Libre Office, Apache Foundation, PostgreSQL, etc. THEY get it. Your users are why you are in business, not your personal whims.

Comment Re:Thank you (Score 1) 117

Both options were bad. The one engineered into a candidate by manipulating the news and getting free advertising on CNN and... Dammit both Clinton and Trump did that. Well I guess the difference is that Clinton had help from the unscrupulous douchebags in the DNC, including that hag leader they had, and Trump got it by rating addicted news presidents and the Deliverance Babies of the republican party.

Comment Not so fast... Re:Not Tor Problems! (Score 3, Informative) 150

Vice has an article titled "Countries that Use Tor Most Are Either Highly Repressive or Highly Liberal," that you might want to read.

"The results show that, controlling for other relevant factors, political repression does drive usage of the Tor network," Jardine writes.

Bridges had the strongest association with political repression. "Moving from a country like Burkina Faso (political repression equals 8) to a country like Uzbekistan (political repression equals 14) results in an increase of around 212.58 Tor bridge users per 100,000 Internet users per year," the paper reads.

If that were the only reason to use Tor you would be absolutely right. But my understanding is that Tor is also used (used more in fact) in countries where the governments will throw you in jail or kill you for the only reason of trying to exercise free speech. Those governments can employ the same tactics to find and jail political dissenters. And that would be a shame. It would be nice to be able to figure out the wheat from the chaff. But there are many governments that I wouldn't want making that determination, including the one being lead by the latest POTUS. In fact Tor might become a necessity for free speech in the USA soon.

Comment It's Not All Tech Either (Score 1) 386

Vancouver BC for example is the only school district in British Columbia having a declining rate of school enrollment. Yes it does have to do with the city being completely unaffordable for average people, especially with kids; so they move away. But Vancouver while it chirps about having a great tech sector, it isn't anything like San Fran's and not even as good as other places in Canada. Mainly because they can't attract young workers easily due to the extreme cost of living.

Comment Tech Industry Shooting Itself in the Foot (Score 4, Interesting) 386

It has been shown that older tech workers adapt and handle new systems better than younger tech workers. They have had to learn how to integrate diverse systems and how to manage less than optimal solutions. This happens with experience. Experience that younger workers don't have. If you want the best workers, it is counterproductive to drive those people away.

Comment Re: "Refuses?" (Score 0, Troll) 295

So you are accusing the customer of being the bad guy. You sound like you work for a Korean company help desk. As such you are a cunt. Go fuck yourself. Sound harsh? It's no more harsh than you accusing someone else of trashing their own TV for some sort of gain. So I say again fuck off and go away you low life troll.

Comment Must Be Simple (Score 1) 36

I'm just hoping they'll implement a rotate feature so we can turn our phones on their side some day to look at pictures in portrait mode better. I must be simple. I generally keep location services turned off on my devices at all times, so don't worry or care about the maps feature. The portrait mode/rotate feature is one of the main reasons I also share on Flickr. Their presentation is much better, even if it is overly complex to use.

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