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Comment is it worth the upgrade? (Score 2) 160

If you currently own a 5D Mark III, is it worth the upgrade? Canon (and Nikon too, for that matter) have the tendency to only do small incremental upgrades. "we listened to the requests of current EOS users" Is that true? Have they made changes to the 1980's menu system for example?

Comment Re:recognizance ?! (Score 1) 62

recognizance |rk()nz()ns| (also recognisance)
noun Law
a bond by which a person undertakes before a court or magistrate to observe some condition, especially to appear when summoned. the Lord Chancellor asked them to enter into recognizances to appear in court. he was released on his own recognizance of £30,000.

Comment Targeted users only? (Score 1) 32

I received an email that there was suspicious activity on my account, urging me to change my password. Since I don't know my password (I use a password manager), I looked it up. I'm 100% sure I have not used this particular password with any other account (it was 'randomly' generated by the password manager), so I guess they have emailed everyone.

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