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Submission + - What the Demise of Google Gears Says About HTML5 (

snydeq writes: "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister sees Google's discontinuation of Gears as a victory for open Web standards — and a significant challenge to the W3C's recent decision to treat HTML as a 'living standard.' 'It's tempting to interpret Gears' demise as a failure for Google, but that wouldn't be quite right. Rather, the decision to discontinue Gears ... offers telling insight into the ongoing HTML standardization process,' McAllister writes, adding that Google's transition from Gears to HTML5 'will be an important test of the most significant revision to Web standards since 2001. Recently YouTube — a Google subsidiary — experimented with transitioning its streaming video service from Flash to HTML5, but relented when it determined that the Web standards-based approach would not be compatible with a broad enough range of clients.'"

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