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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 283

Ahh so we should live with this blight on computing forever because it was successful in a time where there weren't any alternatives for doing what it does?

There are alternatives now. Much better, much more efficient, standardized alternatives that aren't owned by a single [abusive] company. The time of Flash is over - adapt or die.

Alternatives such as?

Comment Re:There is some truth to it (Score 1) 320

Ask any police officer or health care provider how people act during the full moon. They will almost always tell you that they are busier and people are crazier around that time of the month - consistently - although they can't quite explain why.

Confirmation bias. I've heard the same thing from nurses, but the fact is, no correlation has been found.

There have been studies showing it messes with a good nights sleep. Your own link even admits that, Lack of sleep does tend to make people a little crazier.

Comment Re: Just use OpenBSD, for crying out loud! (Score 1) 134

What makes you think openbsd hasn't been corrupted by some third party? Just because of the size of the target? Even squirrels get shot for food, and that's a small target. You are betting on security thru obscurity, not a safe bet.

Silly goose - haven't you heard? FreeBSD is the cure to all problems. To the point where you can say you have a bunion on your foot, yup, FreeBSD will fix that for ya. It's like a modern washday miracle!

Well you see FreeBSD does everything you need, so there's no need to stand up ever again. So the bunion on your foot won't matter.

Comment Re:Make them pay (Score 1) 365

Smokers should be charged much higher premiums for health insurance. Former smokers should be charged slightly more than they are That will encourage them to quit. Never-smokers could recieve lower premiums.

Of course there would have to be a law change to allow this.

Most insurance providers in the US already do this.

Comment Re:Literally? (Score 2) 645

yes they are "literally" advancing their cause

... and you are figuratively moving the goalposts. "Advancing their cause" is not the same thing as "working for". If you literally work for someone, that means you take direction from them, and are paid for your efforts.

Give it up man. Even Oxford updated the definition of the word.

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